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Mocking ‘Family Guy’ bit works way into Mets broadcast

The New York Mets have so many problems with outside criticism that about the last thing they need is a foul-mouthed cartoon baby giving his opinion on the team. In fact, the only thing that might be worse is if that baby's take was aired on the team's official broadcast after an opening day loss.
Because it's the Mets, both things actually happened. Of course they did. First, Stewie Griffin of Fox's "Family Guy" uttered a funny bit about the Mets during one of last fall's episodes and it quickly spread around the Internet. Then an unidentified SNY employee briefly played part of the clip over broadcaster Gary Cohen after the Mets' 6-2 loss to the Florida Marlins on Friday night.

From the NY Post:

"Family Guy" fans quickly recognized the audio as a Mets-mocking gag from the Fox show's Nov. 7 episode.

In one of the cartoon's riffs on pop culture, the scheming baby character, Stewie Griffin, is upset that he's not having fun on Halloween, and says the holiday is "a bigger letdown than being a Mets fan."

The scene then cuts to Stewie sitting at a Mets game. An announcer says, "It's Opening Day, and here's the first pitch . . . and the season's over!"

Stewie then flings down his cap in disgust.

SNY head honchos likely had the same reaction as Stewie because the NY Post described them as "seething." A network rep told the paper that it was "a very poor decision" by an employee and that it was being dealt with "internally." Stewie could not be reached for comment, but you can imagine him being disappointed that this Mets season won't be as private of a matter.

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