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Schoolgirls bullied 'too perfect' royal bride Kate Middleton

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ROYAL bride Kate Middleton suffered a devastating ordeal at the hands of a gang of vicious bullies when she was a schoolgirl.

Her teenage tormentors at posh Downe House school even put excrement in her bedsheets, and hounded terrified Kate, then 13, for being "too perfect".

The beauty, 29, who will marry Prince William later this month, was regarded as a "nonentity" by tormentors who turned her life at the 30,000-a-year girls' boarding school into a tear-filled nightmare.

Their spiteful attacks on the future princess demonstrated shocking cruelty - and prompted Kate to choose Beatbullying as one of the charities her wedding guests will be invited to support.

"She hated it, absolutely hated it. The girls there were horrible. They used to put faeces in her bed and she was very, very badly bullied," says her closest friend from that time, Jessica Hay.

Until now, the official line has been that Kate just didn't "fit in" at the school, in Thatcham, Berkshire.

But a new book, to be released just after the royal wedding on April 29, tells why she was moved, after only two terms there, to famous Marlborough College in Wiltshire in 1996.

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