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Matthew Morrison and Gwyneth Paltrow have not-so-sly dinner date


Gwyneth Paltrow was keen to hide her face in
these pictures (courtesy of the NOTW and their bloody annoying pay wall), when photographers snapped her leaving a quiet dinner with Glee star Matthew Morrison.

The pair met up on Tuesday in London’s Michelin-starred Italian restaurant Locanda Locatelli in Marylebone and shared a meal, before moving to the five star Grosvenor House Hotel, where they drank and chatted until 2am.

They first became friendly when Gwyneth landed a guest starring role on Glee last year. She played a substitute teacher and a love interest for Morrison’s character Will and when he came to promote his London in the UK, it seems natural that they would hook up.

Gwyneth is married to Cold play frontman Chris Martin, with who she shares two children, while Matthew split from his girlfriend Olivia Munn last month.

As they left the hotel on Tuesday, Gwyneth wrapped a scarf around her face in an attempt to disguise herself, while Morrison lay flat on the backseat of his limo. lol way to make going out for tea seem suspicious~

And to verify that it's not just the NOTW writing fanfic as per, there was this tweet:  "Love the lengths Gwyneth Paltrow and Matthew Morrison have gone to not to be snapped together." Off of Some random journo's twitter.


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