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'Nuestra Fiesta' by Jorge Celedon & Jimmy Zambrano is the U-20 World Cup Anthem

The biggest international sporting event of Colombia’s history, the Official FIFA under-20 Soccer World Cup, draws closer with the launch of its anthem, "Nuestra Fiesta" (Our Party).

Renowned Colombian vallenato singer Jorge Celedon and accordionist Jimmy Zambrano performed "Nuestra Fiesta" for the first time Thursday evening in Bogota.

"We are honored that 'nuestra fiesta' is the official song of Under-20 World Cup because it projects the joy of the Colombian people and all the world will come to know our country to live this emotion," the singer told Radio Santa Fe.

The simple chorus which sings, “Goal, Goal, Goal, Goal, Goal!,” is expected to get pulses racing and people dancing during the much anticipated event.

Twenty-four teams and many more fans will come to Colombia in July 2011 for the Under-20 World Cup.

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