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Stevie Nicks to make first Oprah appearance


Sheri Salata, Executive Producer for The Oprah Show, has confirmed via her Twitter account that rock and roll's reigning queen Stevie Nicks will be making a special appearance on The Oprah Show to air April 13th

Last month, The Oprah Show asked Stevie's ultimate fans to submit their stories in hopes of finding Stevie's #1 Fan. The episode, which will film on April 8th, will be Nicks' first appearance on Oprah in an illustrious career spanning nearly five decades. 

Nick's new album In Your Dreams hits shelves May 3rd.


Well, personally...: I can't wait, I can't wait! Seems bizarre that she's never been on the show before.
 Apparently there are rumours that Pat Benatar will appear during the same episode.
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