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Hi, I used to be known here.

"We were on a BREEEAAAAAAKKKK!!!!" (Plus edit for the Jen fans...)

Okay. Y'know in Friends? The One when Rachel and Ross were gonna get back together but Rachel wrote, like, this 30-page letter explaining her feelings and emotions to Ross that Ross couldn't finish without passing out but he had to try to play it off to Rachel when she asked so he lied so he could just hit it one more time and then he actually read the letter and was like, 'Oh, Hell Naw, Heffa!"?

What? I just like that episode...

Jennifer Aniston may have finally moved on from her marriage to Brad Pitt.

According to In Touch magazine, just days after celebrating her 37th birthday, Aniston reportedly wrote a 3 page letter to her ex-husband.

In the letter she allegedly explained how angry she was with him and outlined her belief that he was involved with Ms Jolie while they were still married.

An insider told the magazine: “Sending it was the only way she felt she could move forward with her life,”

She told Pitt that she “wished him a happy life” but also said that she “never wants to hear from him again.”

Aniston is now living with her new man, former friend of Pitt’s, Vince Vaughn…maybe they will beat Brangelina to the alter?

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch...

Brad Pitt's Mom Prefers Jennifer Aniston Over Angelina Jolie

Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt reportedly has forbidden his mother to speak with his ex-wife, actress Jennifer Aniston, after Jen and Jane Pitt shared intimate details about Pitt's life with his latest lover, actress Angelina Jolie.

According to the Daily Mirror, Pitt, 41, who recently finalized his divorce with Aniston, 36, after five years of marriage, 'flipped out' when he found out that Jennifer called his mother.

The Denver Post writes: "Brad was enraged and he told his mom not to speak to Jennifer any more."

A source adds: "He believes his life with Angelina is none of Jen's business, and she has no right to meddle."

According to a published report, Brad's mom Jane sent a dozen dyed blue roses (Jen's reported favorite) to Aniston for her birthday, according to Star Magazine

"Brad is furious and Jane is defiant," a source told the Star. "Jen is no longer her daughter in law, but Brad's mom says that (Jen) will always be a part of the family as far as she's concerned."

In other developments, Pitt's grandmother recently said that she doesn't believe her grandson plans to marry his lover, Hollywood vixen Angelina Jolie, in the near future, arguing he didn't tell her anything about an imminent event.

Betty Russell, 82, from Oklahoma, says she would love to have Maddox, 4, and Zahara, 11 months, in her house for Christmas.

I am currently trying to locate Ms. Betty Russell. I would like to start now trying to pass myself off as some distant Negro relative to the family so that I may also be invited to the Christmas. Will keep you updated on my progress...

EDIT: This is for the Jen fans cause deep in your heart you want THIS to be true...


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