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"Pissed Off" Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett: Where's My Invite to Hef's Wedding?

Hugh Hefner might want to start helping fiancée Crystal Harris more with the wedding planning.

See, Hef's pal and former girlfriend Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett has yet to receive an invite to the summer ceremony.

And she's not too happy about it...

"I haven't gotten my save the date yet," Kendra exclusively tells us. "I'm not joking, I'm really pissed off about it."

"If I don't get a save the date, I have another wedding to attend that same day," she continues. "I got a save the date from one of my closest friends for that date. I'm planning on going to Hef's but I haven't gotten the save the date for that same date. I'm getting kind of antsy because I need to pick which wedding to go to."

So is she really that PO'ed at Hef?

"No! It's Crystal that does the wedding planning. She's the girl! If she doesn't give me a save the date soon I'm going to have to put in my save the date with the other wedding."

Now before we declare a Code Red, remember that back in January, the hot mama had nothing but kind words for the couple.

"You can just tell there's a whole other meaning of love in [Hef]," Kendra said. "I feel like she's the girl for him."

Tags: interview, marriage, playboy / girls next door

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