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big bang mega post

YG Family habits and mannerisms examined
Major LOL in this video

After the announcement of plans for a special edition album earlier in the week, the YG-Life blog revealed that on April 1st ‘April Fool’s Day,’ Big Bang would release a 30 second preview for a track titled, ‘Stupid Liar.’

Well, the 30 second preview was just uploaded to Big Bang’s official youtube channel!

The group will be making their official return on April 8th with a 10-track album featuring three new tracks, two of which will be their title tracks. The boys are scheduled to be performing both “Love Song” and “Stupid Liar” on the April 10th episode of SBS’s “Inkigayo“.

Big Bang’s ‘D-6′ teaser

BIG BANG Reveals "Special Edition" Concept Photos

GD TVCF - Super Style BEAN POLE 30"

Choom Top

Apparently Big Bang’s T.O.P had one too many drinks when he dialed into UFO to leave messages for his fans. Although we’re not 100% sure if he was drunk or if he’s just normally crazy, good entertainment is good.

Some of the stuff TOP says makes no sense, but it’s pretty damn awesome anyway. We hope he continues to provide fine entertainment like this in the near future – keep up the great work choomT.O.P (“dance” T.O.P)!

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