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Chris Colfer Answers Fan Questions

From the thousands of question submissions, here’s our exclusive Q&A with Chris Colfer where he answers your questions on Glee, his upcoming project Struck By Lightning, his high school days, favorite music, life after Glee, being a gay actor, and so much more. Enjoy!

Q: “What’s the typical production schedule for a given day?” – Murray C.
A: It just depends on what we’re filming. We usually work in nursing shifts if we’re lucky, like 6-6 or 9-9. Sometimes it can get really hectic and we’ll have sixteen to nineteen hour days. They’re usually filled with filming, pre-recording, and dance rehearsal but never in the same order.

Q: “Tell us more about Struck By Lightning! IMDb has it listed as 2012, has production started? As both writer and star, are you excited to see it become reality?” – Caitlin R. (19, Richmond, Virginia)
A: It’s the most exciting and the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done. It’s very strange to be so active behind the camera (taking meetings, making calls, etc.). I held a meeting in my trailer once during the Rocky Horror episode, so I was in complete Riff-Raff make-up. I don’t think anyone took me seriously. We have an amazing team working on the movie. David Permut is producing (Youth in Revolt, Charlie Bartlett) and Brian Dannelly is directing (Saved!). We’re casting my character’s parents right now (which feels like reverse adoption) and we start filming the day after my last stop on the Glee 2011 tour. I wrote it for the kids in high school who are overachieving in their own right and underappreciated for it, just like I was.

Q: “If diet Coke stopped production, what would be your next go-to drink?” – Beatrice C. (15, Singapore)
A: Why would you even purpose such a horrible thing? I suppose I’d have to try water.

Q: “Ryan Murphy has spoken about how the original cast will eventually be replaced, what was your reaction to that news? And have you thought about what you would like to possibly move into, like Broadway, television, movies or release an album?” – Tiarni C. (23, NSW, Australia)
A: I thought graduating characters off would add a very real element to the show. I don’t think I’ll be leaving anytime soon since I’m supposed to be the youngest in the club and I’m the youngest in real life, but you never know! Maybe Kurt will take an internship at a fashion institute or fall down an elevator shaft. Anything is possible… As for the future I’m kind of all over the place right now but mostly headed into a film direction. I’ll definitely do something on Broadway eventually, if people aren’t sick of me by then.

Q: “OK. So let’s talk musicals – Broadway, Off-Broadway, International, any kind from anywhere. In which would you, Chris, most like to perform, and in which do you think Kurt would most like to perform?” – David F. (32, Cape Town, South Africa)
A: I would love to do Next to Normal and I think Kurt would campaign for an all male cast of Wicked… which I’m pretty sure I’d consider doing too, not gonna lie.

Q: “What do you think you would be doing now if you weren’t on Glee?” – Cassie (13, Connecticut)
A: Probably fighting against the restraints of my straitjacket and bouncing off the patted walls of my cell. Other than that I honestly have no idea. I was in college when I was cast in Glee, so maybe I would have transferred to UCLA or CAL State Fullerton by now…or maybe I’d still be terrorizing Clovis, CA with my big ideas and high voice. It’s fun to think about.

Q: “Do you plan to study in college after Glee is over, or do you feel that being on Glee given you enough skills for your future acting career that you don’t need a degree?” – Anastasia N. (20, St.Petersburg, Russia)

A: I’ve decided if I go back to school it won’t be for acting, it’ll be to become a Disney Imagineer. I’ve never had an acting lesson but I’ve learned so much just by watching other actors. There are certain movies that I’ll go see just to watch certain people in them. That’s the best education you can get in my opinion.

Q: “What was your first big purchase after the success of Glee?” – Jessica R. (25, Canada
A: A tax attorney.

Q: “If you could be invisible for one hour, what would you do and why?” Melina M. (15, Belgium)
A: I would go shopping for toiletries. Nothing is worse than being recognized while buying deodorant and toilet paper.

Q: “If there were another flashback scene of Kurt as a young boy, who would you choose to play his mother (before she passed away of course) and why?” – Kevin H. (23, Seattle, Washington)
A: I love this question! I think Amy Adams would be an amazing choice. She could easily play my older sister in something, so I think she’d make the perfect mom for Little Kurt. Someone beautiful who radiates sweetness; it’d be heartbreaking. As you all know, I LOVE casting Hummels!

Q: “What Hogwarts house would you be in?” – Sara K. (20, Brooklyn, NY)
A: Ravenclaw. Trust me, this is after much consideration and research. I would naturally just put myself in Gryffindor, but the characteristics of Ravenclaw suit me the best.

Q: What’s on your iPod/playlist? What do you listen to? For example, gym, at home, in car? Any new artist you are currently obsessed with? – Miguel P. (Santa Barbara, CA)
A: I’m obsessed with Adele’s new album, as everyone else in the world is. I listen to Rihanna way too much to be normal. My iPod is like the DMV, I’ve got a little bit of everyone in it. I usually get obsessed with individual songs and will listen to them like twenty times a day. I tend to like faster happier songs, stuff played during Roller Derby and fight scenes.

Q: “What is your go to shower song?” – Breanna C. (18, New Jersey)
A: Currently, it’s a Rolling in the Deep/Only Girl in the World mash up. Sunset Boulevard and Next to Normal medleys are also common.

Q: “How about recording own your music album?” – Dajung J. (20. South Korea)
A: I guess it’s a possibility, but I’ve never had the desire to. I’m just not sure what it would consist of.

Q: “Do you think you’ll ever do a voice over for an animated feature? Cause I think you have the most amazing voice to do one.” – Vienesse H. (17, Olathe, Kansas)
A: Oh yes! Can I be a Sea Monkey in Finding Nemo 2?

Q: “Out of all the plays you performed in during High School, which one was your favorite, or what was your favorite role?” – Katie Pittman
A: I loved being “Mr. Lovett” in Shirley Todd: The Demon Beautician of East Street. I got to sing “The Worst Pies in London” and “Nothing’s Gonna Harm You” all while turning my peers into meat pies. What’s not to love? Chip in Beauty and the Beast, Miles in The Innocents, and Teen Angel in Grease are also memorable and were a lot of fun.

Q: “What was your first paid gig/part/role? How old were you and what was the job?” – Gerry (16, Vancouver, BC, Canada)
A: I was 10 years-old and it was performing in the Junior Company at Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater in Fresno and I was paid $3 a show. We were a big group of singing and dancing obnoxious kids that performed a few songs before the musicals shown there. Our set lists were always themed to whatever show was on after us. It was the closest thing to a “Glee Club” that I’ve ever been a part of.

Q: “How did you make the most of your small town life? I live in a town with less than 2000 people and would love to know the secret.” – Jen (15, Oakland, Maryland)
A: I think the key is acknowledging that life exists outside that town. Don’t let small town life make your life small.

Q: “Where do you see Kurt 10 years out of high school?” – Rhiannon R. (24, Adelaide, South Australia)
A: Assisting Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington at Vogue, but only if “Kurtin Magazine” hasn’t launched yet.

Q: “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” – Michael R. (13, Columbus, Ohio)
A: Probably trying to convince a bouncer that I’m 30 and not thirteen, but I’m sure I’ll appreciate my puppet features by that point.

Q: “How are you going to celebrate your 21st birthday?” – Lana S. (17, Croatia)
A: I’ll be on tour performing in Anaheim! So I’ll be expecting everyone in the audience to bring me gift baskets with alcohol at the stage door… even the kids…

Q: “Have you or are you still worried that being gay will affect what roles you will be ‘allowed’ or ‘given’ as an actor?” – Danny P. (Swansea, Illinois)
A: When you’re a gay actor it’s the first fear they tell you you’re supposed to have, but I don’t have it because I know my own capabilities as an actor. I always laugh when I read things that say “he’s good on Glee but he’ll never be the lead in a romantic comedy.” Is that supposed to be the goal? I’d rather play someone mentally unstable who’s being possessed in 18th century Prague any day. It’d be much more enjoyable! I think the first mistake is waiting around for roles to be given to you. Actors of any orientation should get out there and create opportunities for themselves. I’ve never been good at sitting still.

Q: “When did you know who you were, in terms of your sexuality?” -Sydney H. (14, Maple Grove, Minnesota)
A: I think high school, but I find out new things about myself every day.

Q: “You’re such an inspiration. I would like to ask what advice would you give to people who want to come out but they’re scared?” – Zuzana V. (Czech Republic)
A: Everyone’s situation is different, but I think it’s important to tell at least someone who cares about you so you don’t feel alone or scared. Being honest with yourself is the biggest step.

Q: “We know that you’ve had a rough time in high school with bullies, but what would you say is your proudest high school moment?” – Yolanda G. (16, Manchester, England)

A: I was very successful in Speech and Debate and could bore you by telling you everything I won, but I’m so proud of running the writer’s club, pulling off Shirley Todd, and just getting away with all the random crap I did. They were NOT easy things and I’m still impressed I managed it somehow. …I’ll never forget stealing butcher paper from the activities office to make a Writer’s Club float for homecoming (which wasn’t even put in the yearbook btw!) …I’ll never forget constantly sneaking into the teacher’s room to make copies …I’ll never forget photo shopping the “ASB APPROVED” logo on all the posters and fliers I was constantly putting up around the school… I always find it amusing when people say how much they liked me in high school, because I know for a fact I was unapologetically a huge pain in the ass.

Q: “How do you get into the mindset to perform the more emotional or heart-wrenching scenes?” – Megan (Ottawa, Ontario)
A: I’m basically just having a therapy session on camera. The mindset is fairly easy to go in and out of, I’d say the performance is about 20% emotional and 80% physical. I try to find an emotion or experience from my own life and morph it into whatever the scene requires. One dramatic scene is more exhausting than the treadmill, swords, and dance rehearsal combined.

Q: “Which character’s storyline do you like best? Which character do you want to learn more about?” – Rachel (19, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
A: I’m a little bias, because Ashley is one of my closest friends, but I love Lauren and laugh the most at the things she says. I still want to see Mercedes Jones’s family! Could you imagine the amazing guest stars in that scenario?! I’d also love to see one of Sue’s nemeses from the past show up at McKinley. Maybe Sue took the last parachute in a crashing plane and a survivor comes to seek revenge. Mwahahaha!

Q: “Which slushie flavor do you prefer on your face after a slushie-throwing attack?” – Marianna G. (15, Mexico, Tamaulipas)
A: It’s not just your face, your whole body turns that color because it runs down your clothes. Blue was trendy because Avatar was in theaters at the time and Red just made me look like I’m really bad at putting sunscreen on. Purple makes your torso look bruised.

Q: “What’s your favorite book?” – Katie B (13, LA, California)
The Harry Potter books will always be near and dear, but lately I’ve been a sucker for autobiographies. Anything by Augusten Burroughs or Chelsea Handler…I love classical books like Utopia and The Prince. (Anything on that AP Euro History reading list…) Can’t wait for Tina Fey’s book to come out!

Q: “Were you a major Starkid? What was your favorite song from AVPM/AVPS?” – Kell (14, Japan)
A: I thought AVPM was hysterical and so impressive! Does that make me a Starkid? I liked the duet between Voldemort and Quirrell and LOVED the girl who played Malfoy.

Q: “Darren said that you remind him of a ‘really playful wood nymph‘. Is there a magical creature, or something similar, that best describes Darren from your point of view?” – Martina D. (18, Rome, Italy)
A: I’d say he’s much more of a wood nymph than I am. I’m a total snow nymph.

Q: “How often do you Google your own name?” – Carissa M. (14, Canada)
The last time I Googled my name was during early season one and I was so hurt and offended by the hateful and nasty comments I never did it again.

Q: “What are the 7 things you would like to do before you die?” – Beatrice C. (15, Singapore)
A: Just seven??? As of right now I would like to sky dive, learn how to do a back flip, hang glide, go to trapeze school, bungee jump, snorkel, and set the world record for consecutively riding Space Mountain.

Q: “When you have some leisure time, what do you like or prefer to do?” – Laura B. P. (16, Veracruz, Mex.)
A: Plan.

Q: “Which European countries or cities would you still like to visit? Which buildings and places would you like to see?” – Caroline H. (21, Belgium)
A: There isn’t a European country that I don’t want to visit! I’ve been very fortunate and have been to Madrid, London, Paris, and can never go to Versailles enough! …I’d love to take a picture with Nessie at Loch Ness…I would love to go skiing on the Alps, preferably close to the Matterhorn…I’d love to spend some time in the Black Forest…I’d love to see Neuschwanstein Castle…I’d love to see Shoenbrun Palace…my list could go on forever!

Q: “I know that a lot of the cast of Glee is inked, but do you have any tattoos? Or any plans for any?” – Becky (20, New Jersey)
A: I wish I was brave enough, but I’m terrified of needles. I love fake tattoos and have a drawer full of them at home. I usually slap one on for special occasions.

Q: “If you could master one skill, what would it be?” – Ala E. (15, Kuwait, Middle East)

Q: “If you could invite 3 people (dead/alive/fictional) to your dinner party, who would they be and why?” – Eleanor J.
A: If reincarnation exists, could I invite who I was in previous lives? That would be one hell of a dinner. It would be very interesting to see who showed up…knowing me, everyone would be late…

Q: “If you could change [lives] with someone for one day, who would it be?” – Anneloes van B. (16, Netherlands)
A: Oprah Winfrey.

Q: “Who were your biggest writing influences?” – Wendy G. (26, Orange, CA)
A: Jennifer Saunders!!! John Hughs, Diablo Cody, Tina Fey, Woody Allen, just to name a few…

Q: “Are you guys even aware of the crazy fandoms on websites such as Tumblr and Livejournal and what do you think of it?” -Saloua O. (Netherlands)
A: Ooooooh yes. Those things have a way of making themselves known.

Q: “What’s your favorite gift from a fan?” – Jessica L. (18, Dulles, Virginia)
A: It would be impossible to choose one, but I recently got a handmade stuffed Llama holding a Golden Globe and thought it was the cutest thing I had ever seen.

Q: “Where in your house do you keep your Golden Globe?” – Anouk van B. (Holland)
A: If I’m not cuddling with it it’s on a stand behind bulletproof glass, lasers, machine guns, and two large guards.

Q: “What is your ultimate guilty pleasure?” – Marga S. (22, Philippines)
A: Food, British sitcoms, and bad reality television.

Q: “If you could choose any celebrity to go on a date with, who would it be and what would you do?” – Charlotte S. (15, Jersey – Channel Islands)
A: There’s nooo way I’m naming names, but a theme park would be great!

Q: “What’s the most frightening thing you have ever done?” – Georgia M. (12, Cambridge, England)
A: Hmmm…I’m always climbing up things, like trees or the buildings in fake New York at Paramount Studios. Things like that.

Q: “What is your skincare regimen for maintaining such beautiful porcelain skin? SPF100+ every day?” – Daniel Y. (23, Taipei, Taiwan)
A: It’s the result of wonderful make-up artists! Staying out of the sun and moisturizing doesn’t hurt.

Q: “What was your most recent, ‘I’m glad nobody was here to see this,’ moment?
(i.e. accidentally walking into a wall, taking a drink and missing your mouth, falling on the stairs, etc…)” – Shannon O. (25, Dover, Delaware)

A: Probably the faces I was making while thinking of answers to these questions.



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