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Mirren a 'huge' Raising Hope fan

Dame Helen Mirren is apparently a big fan of the TV comedy Raising Hope.

"She's a huge fan," Martha Plimpton, who plays young grandma Virginia on the show, revealed.

"Helen, come be on the show. Do an arc!" she pleaded before a special Q&A with fans at the PaleyFest in Beverly Hills.

"Both Shannon and I have run into her separately," the actress said of her and co-star Shannon Woodward's meetings with one of Britain's biggest stars.

Martha explained: "I worked with her years ago and she couldn't be a nicer, kinder woman always and she says she loves the show, she says she watches it."

"I was very pleased," she admitted. "I was very gratified, she says she thought it was hilarious."

Shannon's meeting could have happened at this year's Academy Awards, where she hit the red carpet as the plus one of her long-term boyfriend Andrew Garfield.

"She saw Shannon and said the same thing. I think we've gotta try to get her on," Martha said.


Tags: british celebrities, television
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