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Blind Items

Brought to you by Maru who will cut a bitch if they get all up in his bidness

1. This D List bleach blond celebrity recently visited a spiritualist that told her that she is the spirit of Marilyn Monroe reincarnated. She was also promised that her career would blossom into something bigger than Ms. Monroe’s if the D Lister would visit the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery where Marilyn is interned at least once a month for a year. The D Lister has already visited twice.
My Guess: lol visiting a grave site isn't going to save your career, Lindsay.

2. Which young star was spotted picking up a pregnancy test during her next promotional stop? She’s officially single right now, but toying with the idea of new boyfriend though it remains to be seen whether or not he’s just a convenient distraction for publicity or the real deal. Or maybe it’s a leftover from the ex after a farewell hookup? Needless to say, with that kind of purchase, someone’s been in there. And they may have not been careful, although I guess it shouldn’t surprise me anymore that getting knocked up is a career strategy these days. Naïve as it sound however in her case I just can’t see it. Too young, not ready. Which means I hope her test comes back negative. Because otherwise, obviously, it’s a lot of drama to take care of.
Lainey Gossip
My Guess: Vanessa Hudgens, but seriously who cares? Ooooo a consenting adult buying a pregnancy test! SO OUT OF CONTROL

3. Which drug-addled son (of a late TV star mother and a former hunk father) is about to become a daddy? He isn’t married and definitely wasn’t planning on getting his gal pregnant. He is running through his inheritance so fast that his family fears he won’t have anything left for the baby.
Blind Gossip
My Guess: Redmond O'Neil, Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O'Neil's son

4. Which C list celebrity who just starred in a commercial overseas made so many racial slurs during the taping of the bit that the manager waived their fee out of embarrassment?
My Guess: Paris Hilton because she's already proven that she's a disgusting racist metrolpolis for crabs

TGIF ONTD! I will be drinking wine by myself and catching up on Hulu. LIKE A CHAMP.
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