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Abbie Cornish Covers Esquire UK.

She's been working away in Hollywood for several years, winning acclaim for stellar performances in films like Bright Star, Stop-Loss and Somersault.

And now Abbie Cornish is trying a new character on for size - smouldering cover girl - to promote her sexy new role in girl power action film Sucker Punch.

The Australian actress strips off in the new issue of Esquire magazine ahead of tomorrow night's premiere in London.

Abbie, 28, has already been dubbed 'the new Nicole Kidman,' and has just wrapped filming as the title role in Madonna's upcoming Wallis Simpson biopic W.E.

But Sucker Punch, which co-stars Emily Browning of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, Vanessa Hudgens and Jena Malone, is a little more fast-paced.

'The action is top-notch new s*** you haven’t seen before,' she enthuses. 'It’s insane. In. Sane.'

The actress, who dated Ryan Phillipe after meeting on the set of Stop-Loss, smoulders in the new photoshoot for Esquire magazine.

Her confidence comes in handy when it comes to filming sex scenes, she admits. 'They’re (her co-stars) all mates, that’s the thing.
'So I’m lucky. With friends, if someone’s pants don’t come off properly, or if something gets stuck, you just end up giggling.'

Cornish likens these scenes to alligators. She explains: 'Alligators have two eyelids; a clear set, so they can see, and another one which is opaque.
'It’s like that when you’re acting those scenes. You’re looking through the clear eyelids. So it’s not me doing the scene with Bradley, it’s my character.'

Away from the cameras, Abbie keeps busy with her never-ending list of extra-curricular hobbies. 'I’m into painting and street art and I’m a musician, I play piano,' she lists.
'And I love taking pictures or filming things documentary style. And I’m definitely active, I love surfing.'

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