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Lady GaGa given $40K ruby slippers from 'The Wizard of Oz'

Lady GaGa is said to be over the moon after receiving a pair of £25,000 ruby slippers, made originally for Judy Garland for her role as Dorothy in the Wizard Of Oz.

The Born This Way singer, who performed with the famous shoes at her LA Monster Ball show on her 25th birthday, was allegedly given the slippers from the cult 1939 movie by her management, before going on stage at the Staples Center.

According to The Sun, GaGa told her Little Monsters that she once auditioned to play the role of Dorothy in a show, but lost out on the part to the school bully.

The 25-year old explained: "I wanted to be Dorothy so bad. I was in 8th grade and she was a senior."

I definitely deserved to get it, but I didn't get it. I was one of the people in the chorus, the worst role. On behalf of myself and all of those bullied around the world, now these ruby slippers are mine."

Lady G, real name Stefani Germanotta, added: "When you don't feel like Dorothy today, maybe you feel like someone on the chorus or the Scarecrow - just know you will have opportunities in your real life to change things and maybe someone will hand you a pair of ruby slippers."

It is thought that five pairs of the iconic ruby slippers were made for Garland, with The Sun reporting that one sold for a cool £93,000 and is due to be auctioned off again at Christie's next month.


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