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Stars, They're Just Like Us...In That They Are Fucking Assholes on April Fools Day.

April Fool’s Day is the one time a year we can be jerks and get away with it. Come on: You know you’ve pulled a fast one on your parents or friends on April Fool’s Day. One time, my uncle called me and said I won a million dollars. I was 10, so of course, I believed him. I still haven’t forgiven him for that.

Celebrities love to pull pranks on one another. After all, entertainment is about the only profession that encourages pretending and childlike behavior. We combed through our vast celebrity archives to compile a few of the biggest and best celebrity April Fool’s day jokes.

Justin Bieber's 2010 April Fool's Day joke

We expect April Fool’s Day pranks from Justin Bieber -- he's at that prime pranking age. In 2010, Bieber "bought" Funny or Die.

"Justin Bieber has decided to buy Funny or Die and do with it whatever his tiny little heart desires," read a clip on the site. "Anything that's not Bieber dies," Bieber said on a Funny or Die video. "I'm a star; I do what stars do," he said. "I ride on yachts, I autograph lady lumps, and I pay people to slap them."

Somehow, we expected something more from Bieber. Maybe this year.

Nicole Richie punks Kim Kardashian

In 2010, infamous prankster Nicole Richie synced up with Khloe Kardashian to hack into Kim K's Twitter account. Nicole then proceeded to post dirty messages, professing everything from a lesbian crush to an, uh-hem, upset stomach...

"Sometimes I think I am a lesbian because HOT DAMN I think Nicole Richie is fffooooiiinnneee!"

Kardashian managed to reclaim her Twitter account, but did admit, "That was hands down the funniest April Fools'!!"

Mya's ticket trick

Singer Mya seems so sweet, but she pulled a doozy of an April Fool’s Day prank on a friend.

“This is really bad,” she told OK! Magazine in 2008. “One of my friends is a producer in California; we have a brother/sister relationship. He pulled a prank on me, so I figured I owed him one. I was on the House of Blues tour in 2003, and I invited him to one of my shows in Anaheim, California, after I had already performed [there]. So he rented a limo, invited people and showed up the day after I performed. I gave him backstage passes and told him he was on the guest list for seven. He was totally embarrassed, but I owed him one."
seacrest gets owned by Joel mchale

Joel McHale pranked Ryan Seacrest on April Fool's Day 2010

Joel McHale loves to make fun of Ryan Seacrest, so it’s only natural that the American Idol host was the target of McHale’s April Fool’s Day prank.

In 2010, McHale took over Seacrest’s personal website, renaming it The whole site looked pretty much the same, except that Seacrest’s face was substituted with McHale’s. A choice headline read, "Relive Joel McHale’s Epic Cameo in Spider-Man 2."

McHale tweeted from Seacrest’s account:

"Ryan here: just interviewed @SelenaGomez. She was awesome. Really connected. Psych! It's still Joel! #seacresthacked."

Ciara pulls a preggy prank

Last year, the R&B diva tried to pull our chains by announcing that she was preggers. She tweeted: "3months pregnant:(...whats a girl to do??....this is going to be hard:( no more spanx:(....." Niiiiice try, Ciara.


So, ONTD, what's the best April Fools joke you've ever pulled???
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