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Hallyu! Taeyang headhunted for US film role? Ne-Yo to collaborate with JYP Nation?

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We already know that K-Pop Queen BoA is over in the States to film her headlining role in the upcoming Hollywood dance flick COBU 3D, but now it looks like one of her fellow K-Pop superstars could be following in her footsteps. Award-winning producer/choreographer/actor David Winters has reached out to BIGBANG hottie Taeyang to discuss a potential role in a new film he's working on.

The movie, titled East Side Story, will be filmed in Thailand, and is a coming of age story about a girl from the USA who falls for an Asian boy. Winters has described the flick as a "dance musical" and a "new kind of dance film", and is looking for actor-dancers skilled in hip-hop, ballet, acrobatics, and martial arts for the two lead roles in the film.

Winters has also reached out to Korean-American star Jay Park, who you may know as the former leader of 2PM, or from his solo work in the States with B.o.B. and various dance crews.

Park was actually the official opening act for Ne-Yo's South-Korean concert this weekend, who, funnily enough, has just had his cherry K-Popped. Not only did Ne-Yo express on Twitter that he wants to work with K-Pop artists "JYP, 2PM, 2AM, Rain, and Jay Park", but the day before his concert he was photographed entering the JYP Entertainment building. Not only is JYP responsible for creating all the artists on Ne-Yo's collaboration wish list, but they're also behind Wonder Girls, who are currently writing and recording their first original US album.

Does Ne-Yo want to collaborate with a JYP artist? Is he going to write for Wonder Girls? Does Ne-Yo want Mr. JYP himself to produce a hit for his next album?

Any of the above would be exciting! And God knows that Ne-Yo needs to do something exciting and fresh to revive his career after that horrid dance-pop concept album Libra Scale.

You can check out some of Taeyang's dance moves below, and then dream of possibly seeing them on the big screen in the future. Taeyang is just like the Asian Usher or Chris Brown -- only 10 billion times sexier and much shorter!


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