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Brangelina married?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie / Reuters file

ANGELINA Jolie and Brad Pitt have reportedly married in secret.

Jolie, who is pregnant with the couple's child, was seen wearing a gold band in Paris.

The couple and adopted children Maddox and Zahara are renting an apartment in the city of love.

"Brad and Angelina have their own secret and the rings are part of it. In her mind, they are married," a source said.

It was also claimed Jolie, 30, wants to give birth in June in Africa.

Insiders say she wants the baby to have a kinship with Zahara and Maddox who were born into Third World poverty.

Meanwhile, Julia Roberts reportedly begged her husband for gossip about the Pitt-Aniston-Jolie love triangle when he worked on Mrs & Mrs Smith.

The flame-haired actress allegedly asked cameraman husbby Danny Moder to get all the behind-the-scenes gossip while Pitt and Jolie shot the movie.

The mum-of-two also enjoyed tales of Pitt's split from Aniston when Moder worked on their film, Friends With Money, according to a report in America's New York Post newspaper.

Meanwhile, Julia has revealed she's never been more content since marrying Moder and giving birth to their twins.

The Oscar-winning beauty admits having her children Phinneaus and Hazel has made her realise what is important in life.

Julia - who tied the knot with Moder in 2002 - said: "Danny really shines the light for me.

"He just makes me feel so comfortable. I've been lucky because I have known happy times in my life, but right now it's not just that I'm happy, I'm perfectly content, too."

- with BANG showbiz,10221,18334191-7485,00.html


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