Mark (ex_bemylast843) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Alanis Morissette caught out with a mystery man

EXCLUSIVE: Is Canadian singer's engagement to actor Ryan Reynolds off?

Rumours are swirling around the Ottawa-bred star since she was caught out and about in Los Angeles this week with another man – and her diamond engagement ring was no where to be seen.

Morissette got engaged to Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds last year but never set a wedding date. At the Golden Globe Awards in January, Morissette -- who arrived solo on the red carpet -- told reporters the couple was hoping to tie the knot this summer.

But while Reynolds was in Vancouver shooting his new movie, Chaos Theory, the singer and her long-haired mystery man went shopping at the Bodhi Tree Bookstore in Beverly Hills and enjoyed lunch at the Urth Café.

The pair also spent almost an hour at the Beverly Springs Medical Center, where they reportedly had either acupressure massages or body treatments.

Then it was off to see Walk the Line at the Broadway Theatre in Santa Monica.

But sources suggest the tall, scruffy man with his arm around Morissette on Tuesday could be her older brother Chad.


If it's true that she broke up with Ryan, I'm sure plenty of women will be happy ;D but omg they were like my OTP. so sad. :(

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