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The A-Team Reunite For TV Special.

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The A-Team are getting back together for a one-off reunion show.

Mr T, who played BA Baracus, Dirk Benedict, who played handsome Face, and Dwight Schultz, who starred as Murdock, will all appear in the Channel 4 programme.

George Peppard, who played Hannibal, the leader of the fun-loving vigilantes, died in 1994.

Show presenter Justin Lee Collins is quoted in Britain's The Sun newspaper as saying: "They're older and less muscly and scary. But they're still the guys."

Collins admitted he struggled to get the 80s stars to reunite for 'Bring Back The A-Team'.

He revealed: "It was hard to get them back together because there's been a bit of bad blood between them since the show was made. "The aim was to get them in a room for a reunion."

'Bring Back The A-Team' will be screened by Channel 4 in May this year.


Not sure if they will show this in the U.S. I've looked.

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