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TomKitten Pillow Watch 2006

Have you kids read Save Dakota Fanning!? Hahaha -- today's entry was classicly wonderful.

"During the later stages of pregnancy (the third trimester) it is unsafe to submerge yourself (especially in sea water) due to a risk of infection. There is a mucous plug covering your cervix and protecting the baby that can be dislodged at that point. IF it is, bacteria can leach into the uterus contaminating the baby. In addition, if the mucous plug dislodges, your water breaks and you go into labor prematurely. You're not even allowed to take a bath towards the end. It's showers only. A bacterial infection could kill the baby."

So, you want to fly, risk infection, squeeze it out, leave it alone for a day, then feed it some weird honey concoction?

Is there is a real baby in there, it's not going to last long with those "parenting" skills.

So, because I'm very anti-fetus/child endangerment, I sincerly hope that girl is NOT pregnant.

So yeah, the ocean swimming, the trans-oceanic flying, the Scientologistic (hm, is that a word?) birth plans which includes the "cone of silence," leaving the unbathed newborn alone for it's first day or so, and then feeding it a mixture of milk and honey ... man. In some places, a lot of this would constitute child abuse.

Of course, in some places, Scientology is outlawed as a dangerous cult.

SOURCES: Save Dakota Fanning!, Scientology - The Birth of a Thetan

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