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 Alicia Silverstone Shows Off Her Baby Bump

Alicia Silverstone isn't going to let her baby bump slow down her healthy lifestyle!

The mom-to-be looked ready to pop on her way to yoga class yesterday with her growing belly peeking out from under her shirt.

In January, 'The Kind Diet' author announced that she and husband Christopher Jarecki were expecting their first child together. Silverstone, a vegan and vocal supporter of animal rights causes, uses her site, The Kind Life, to share her healthy habits with fans.

While a belly hanging over someone's pants is not always an attractive addition to an outfit, this pregnant yogi makes it look kind of adorable.

Alicia Silverstone gets to multi-tasking, about to be a mom

Alicia Silverstone, whose popular “The Kind Diet” book is just now coming out in paperback, reports, “I’m in the process of time management.” Indeed. “There are so many projects. But the biggest one, of course, is that I’m about to have a baby. How I can continue to work on so many things at the same time — while, hopefully, being this graceful, advanced mother remains to be seen,” she admits with a laugh.

The actress and green living advocate tells us, “I have two other books I want to write, three films coming out, and my website is one of my greatest obsessions.” She also has a collection of cruelty-free, ecologically-friendly makeup bags and brushes heading to market.

Alicia is sticking close to home while promoting the “Kind Diet” tome that promotes the vegan lifestyle. “I’ve stopped traveling, but I’m doing what I can,” she says.

She’s been gratified by the outpouring of thanks that have come her way since the book was first released. Stories have come in from converts including one mother who explained how “The Kind Diet” saved her allergy-prone baby from a string of frightening symptoms — and from potentially living on medication for the rest of his life. Other missives have come from “people who were helped with big things and with small things, from people who cured their migraines, cured mono, cured constipation, from people who had major weight loss,” Alicia says.

The actress is so committed to the environment, she insisted upon her book being printed only on 100 per cent recycled paper with soy ink. Rodale Press complied. “That was a deal-breaker for me,” she says.

The book took her eight years to complete. “It wasn’t easy, but every day I wrote on it, I was so happy. I’d go for days on end without leaving the house. My husband would ask, ‘Baby, do you want to take a shower?’ And I’d say, ‘No, not now!’” she admits with a laugh. “I felt happy, connected and in tune. What I was doing felt truly valid.”

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