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Clear Channel Threatens Injunction To Keep Bubba Quiet

March 1, 2006

The bombs about Clear Channel that Bubba The Love Sponge was threatening to drop today have been put on hold.

"I've been told by my bosses to shut the f**k up, at this point," said Bubba during his program, sounding annoyed and unleashing a tirade against Clear Channel. What stirred Bubba up is a letter Clear Channel sent to Sirius Satellite Radio threatening an injunction to keep Bubba silent. Bubba was supposed to be free as of last night -- February 28 -- at midnight, but that has been put on hold until the matter can be worked out.

"[Clear Channel] has threatened to file an injunction if we make any disparaging comments that would be a violation of an existing agreement they have," said Bubba's agent, Tom Bean. "We want to make sure we have everybody's best interest at heart in relation to making sure we are not putting anyone in harm's way. We want to get clarification and don't want to end up in a situation where we're indemnifying Sirius against anything and we end up potentially on the hook."

"Not dropping these Clear Channel bombs is not going make or break me or my radio show," added Bubba. "I've gone since January 9 and had some great shows. I don't need to drop Clear Channel bombs. I would like to, just so I can disrupt somebody's life."

The "bombs" that Bubba is promising to drop include what he says are 100 percent truth statements that will "ruin people's lives," including drug and prostitution use. - Source: FMQB

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