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The '10' List & quotes

The coolest celebs, movies and happenings in the world of entertainment this week.

1. Helmer Gavin Hood’s Tsotsi, for making a mark. The film, which revolves around a South African gang leader, was awarded the Best Feature jury prize at the 14th annual Pan African Film and Arts Festival in Los Angeles. Tsotsi has also been nominated in the Foreign Film category at this year's Oscars.

2. Clueless star Alicia Silverstone, for her animal-loving ways. Silverstoneis currently circulating a petition to convince Oprah Winfrey to devote one of her shows to the pet over-population crisis.

3. The Red Hot Chili Peppers, for breaking the genre-specific bill mold. The Chili Peppers are in negotiations with Kanye West to co-headline an American summer tour to promote their upcoming album, Stadium Arcadium.

4. The sweaty shirt Jake Gyllenhaal wore portraying gay cowboy Jack Twist in Brokeback Mountain, for making a difference. The plaid shirt was sold to a mystery fan for $101,100 on auction Web site eBay. The proceeds from the shirt sale will benefit Variety—The Children's Charity of Southern California.

5. Country star Keith Urban, for paying his dues. The Grammy winner performed at the Speciality Car Company in North Carolina to repay a dealer who knocked $2,000 off the price of a Chevy Impala in 2001, back when Urban could not afford the sticker price.

6. Oscar nominee Terrence Howard, for his winning acting streak. Howard is in talks to play both boxer Joe Louis and late funk icon Rick James in two upcoming biopics.

7. Creative Artists Agency’s Rob Light, for getting his client Jessica Simpson a super duper deal. Simpson will earn a $1 million paycheck for her new film, Employee of the Month. According to In Touch magazine, her character utters a mere 806 words throughout the comedy—that’s $1,240-per-word for Jess.

8. Teen Hollywood sensation Ashley Olsen, for her misguided taste. Olsen defends her and her sister Mary-Kate's obsession with the much-ridiculed eyewear: “We just like big sunglasses. It's what looks good on our face.”

9. Showgirls star Gina Gershon, for landing a role with good potential. Gershon has signed up to star in Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell’s latest TV series, Lipstick Jungle. The show, which follows three best friends in their 40s, will be made as a pilot for NBC and, if given the green light, will appear on the network's fall schedule.

10. Beck, for scoring big. The musician has signed up to score Napoleon Dynamite director Jared Hess' new film Nacho Libre, which stars Jack Black as a priest-turned-Mexican wrestler.


The Things They Say
"I'm going to try not to work at all this year and send Michelle out to bring in the cash."
-Heath Ledger plans to let Michelle Williams be the family's main breadwinner following the Academy Awards

"Children are very good at keeping you grounded. They'll throw up on your shoes before an awards ceremony."
-Reese Witherspoon’s kids help keep her humble

"I'm a contractor. I still have a job--it's on hold. I'm restoring a 200-year-old house in Philadelphia. My client is nice enough to let me off the job for some months."
-Oscar nominee Terrence Howard has something to fall back on should his acting career falter

"You don't like the press, why the hell are you shopping on Rodeo Drive? Come on, it's easy to disappear if you want to."
-Paul Walker, issuing a solution to his peers who complain about media attention

"I've been going to the hairdresser pretty often, otherwise I look like a science experiment. Short hair's easy. It feels grown-up."
-Natalie Portman, who's sporting a short ‘do ever since filming V for Vendetta

"He has a genuine enthusiasm for almost anything--for life. I sometimes see it and go, 'Wow, that's impressive.'"
-Phillip Seymour Hoffman, on his Mission: Impossible 3 co-star Tom Cruise

"Men want wrinkles as much as women do. I use an alpha-hydroxy cream every night and my skin has never looked better."
-Steve Martin

"I didn't even read the script--I just saw the title, Snakes on a Plane, and said 'Ok, good. I'm there.'"
-Samuel L. Jackson, on his aptly titled new film

"Sometimes being that thin doesn't look healthy. I kind of didn't realize that. It was an attention thing, too. You start to wonder if your friends are your friends because you look a certain way."
-Lindsay Lohan, trying to make sense of her thin “phase”

"If I've ever insisted on being called 'Sir' by colleagues on a film set then I am profoundly sorry. I don't remember ever doing that and I tend not to forget."
-Ben Kingsley


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