OMG! Long-Lost Bowie Album Leaks Online(!!)


An decade-old, mostly-unreleased David Bowie album has leaked online.

reveals that an album which David Bowie put together around the turn of the decade, and went unreleased due to disputes with his record label, has appeared on the torrent sites.

The album was going to be called Toy, and was a revisiting of some of his lesser-known tracks, as well as new material.

Some of the tracks emerged on his 2002 comeback album Heathen or as b-sides.

‘Afraid’ was on both. ‘Uncle Floyd’ appeared as ‘Slip Away’, ‘You’ve Got A Habit Of Leaving’, ‘Shadow Man’ and ‘Baby Loves That Way’ appeared as b-sides ons ‘Slow Burn’ and ‘Everyone Says Hi', and ‘Conversation Piece’ appeared on the Deluxe Edition.

That said, there are still unheard Bowie songs on the 14-track, hour-long Toy which been leaked on torrent sites.

Tracklist is below.

1. Uncle Floyd
2. Afraid
3. Baby Loves That Way
4. I Dig Everything
5. Conversation Piece
6. Let Me Sleep Beside You
7. Toy (Your Turn To Drive)
8. Hole In The Ground
9. Shadow Man
10. In The Heat Of The Morning
11. You’ve Got a Habit Of Leaving
12. Silly Boy Blue
13. Liza Jane
14. The London Boys