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Her Message To Nick's Girl

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Even though, Jessica's moved on, that doesn't mean she wants Nick to do the same -- as the lyrics from two songs she's written make clear. Before their split, Jessica secretly wrote the song "Wannabe," which questions Nick's fidelity and ridicules women who try to flirt with him. In another tune, registered with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers called "Fired Up!," she warns other women to stay away. Now, friends say, Jessica has a target for those lyrics: Nick's new galpal, former Miss Kentucky USA Elizabeth Arnold, whose relationship with Nick first started in 2001, before he and Jessica wed. "They're definitely still dating," an insider says.

Lizzie's friends say the beauty queen isn't scared of Jessica's taunts. "Lizzie doesn't know Jessica," a friend says.

After recent reports that Nick has reunited with his old flame, friends say Jessica thinks of her song "Wannabe" when Lizzie's name has come up. "This song gets her through the rough times," a pal says.

But it'll stay private for now. In Touch has learned Jessica isn't planning to release either single for the airwaves.

Source: In Touch 2/27/06, pg. 15

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