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Jake (aka Garrett) speaks about "Friday", and ONTD! (ETA: NOW A MEMBER OF ONTD)


Ok this is just plain crazyness. So some video came out the other day called “Friday” by some black girl and I saw it floating around facebook so i watched it. So cheesy. but really catchy. and that’s the bad thing about it. anyways, i did some research and apparently the girl did the summer camp at my school two years ago and someone said she might be coming to my school next year. oh joy. anyways all of this crazyness started overnight. and how does this involve me?

Over the summer, one of my close friends, Sarah, recorded a song and sent it to me. I thought it was amazing. She said she’d eventually be filming a music video for it and would love for me to be in it. Now I don’t remember if it was before or after the shoot, but while on vacation I made a music video to her song. I told her about it, and she said that she didn’t mind at all, she encouraged it. So i just made one out of fun with my sister, her best friend, and my little sister. And i just put it up on my channel for my friends to see it. that was august of 2010. And it turned out that the director of sarah’s real video wanted me to be the love interest when me and Sarah are like brother and sister. so weird. anyways months later this new ‘Black Friday’ video or whatever the hell the name of it is comes out and somehow the attention was drawn back to my video. and now these obssessed fans from some site called “Oh No They Didn’t” continues to call me Garrett when clearly my name is Jake. who knows if i’ll use a ‘stage’ name but i haven’t even thought about that. MORAL of the story is, you freaking people need to stop calling me Garrett. call me Jake unless you come up with something MUCH more amazing than garrett. all of this drama is just crazy, and i have no idea how it happened just overnight.


lol this just keeps getting better
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