The illuminati message behind Rebbeca Black's "Friday"

Let’s begin with the very name of the song, ‘Friday’. The name of this day of the week, which follows Thursday and comes before Saturday (Sunday comes afterward), which is the sixth day of the week. 6 being the number of the beast.

In the opening scene, Rebecca wakes up from bed and sings about having her daily “bowl” and cereal. As we move on to the next scene, we notice that her family in the back is moving unusually fast. These are all signs which indicate that she’s on some type mind controlling drugs.

Rebecca ponders on which seat to take; the front seat (the leader role), or the back seat (the follower). Rebecca, being the puppet of the Illuminati, chooses the backseat, of course.

In the second car shot, Rebbeca seems to have finally made up her mind, and she appears to be sitting in the backseat right in the middle of her two friends, who are, coincidentally, both wearing red dresses and have braces, symbolizing the blood and restraint she will have to go through as she transform into a mindless puppet.

On our right we have one of Rebecca’s “friends” whose uncontrollabe (based on her arm movements) glee doesn’t match the activity or emotion of the moment, on our left we have her other friend whose horrified expression speaks to the dilemma of the soul when one chooses to enroll in Satan’s army. They truly are the angel and devil on her shoulders.

To whom is Rebecca pointing? The viewer. And to what purpose? The acquisition of your soul.

The closer Rebecca gets to Satan’s clutches the more she loses control of her base functions, which results in the following grammatical error “We we we so excited.”, in fact it should be “We’re so excited.”

When Rebecca does finally arrive at the party she’s excited for we find it mostly populated by children like her, this represents Limbo and the fact that their souls are still up for grabs. Now it just depends on who gives to them first, the dark or the light.

Need we explain who this is?


In all his glory. Fast cars, expensive jewelry, he’s there to entice the children to give up their families and futures for an eternity of damnation.

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