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Is James Franco Dating Agyness Deyn?

There were a few whispers at the end of January that actor/director/student/eccentric James Franco and model Agyness Deyn had hit it off at the premiere for his film, Howl. [He who shall not be named] reported that the two had traded numbers after meeting and that there was "a real connection." Interesting and exciting, no? We certainly thought so.

However, our anticipation was put on hold when GossipCop was quick to squash any rumors of a romance. Supposedly a friend of the actor's told the media outlet: "This is not true." He added that Franco and Deyn had only exchanged hellos at the event and that was about it. No dating, no connection. Nada.

Well, it seems like that friend was wrong.

Last night, James was posting videos to his Twitter account of himself with an undeniable Agyness. So, they must be a bit more friendly than GossipCop's source led on. From the looks of it, they may be working on a project together—but they're definitely hanging out after hours, as well.

The short clips show the model and actor playfully chatting while on an afternoon drive. Check out the vid below for a glimpse of their flirty interactions.


Since James has obviously been out and about with Deyn, this may mean his previous relationship with actress Ahna O'Reilly has fizzled completely. Although the two have been together for about six years, they've been pretty quiet as of late. During James' manic award-season blitz, Ahna was nowhere to be found.

The Sun recently gave indications that Franco and O'Reilly may have cooled off, but she's still in the picture—which makes his new-found connection to Deyn that much more difficult.

"It's early days," a source said. "He's still close to Ahna so it's tricky to go in to another relationship, but it'll soon be full steam ahead."

We'll see if this insider is actually right!


idk idk, all day yesterday he was posting videos of him hanging out with some lame/annoying theater girl, so who knows who he's fucking these days...
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