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Maude Flanders

Mark Zuckerberg gets a new dog ... and instantly sets it up with a Facebook profile (of course)

There is nothing quite like a cute dog to bring out a man's soft side.

When that man just happens to be one of the most famously guarded billionaires in the world, then you know it must be one cute dog.

Mark Zuckerberg has a new puppy, and he is not afraid to tell the world.

Of course no self-respecting puppy is complete without its own Facebook page, especially when your owner is the CEO.

His dog, a Hungarian Puli called Beast, became a Facebook user only yesterday and already has more than 2,000 'likes'.

In it he is described as a 'public figure who likes cuddling, loving and eating'.

Seems like an ordinary dog, except that his first photo album gives a tiny glimpse of the Facebook creator at his home with his girlfriend, 'Cilla' as she is referred to on the page.

Zuckerberg is seen in various poses cuddling the dog at what appears to be his home in Palo Alto, California, and in the back seat of a car.

Many people have already commented on the album, most of whom are Hungarian and seemingly pleased that he has chosen a dog from their country.

The fluffy white pooch may be fast on his way to becoming the most famous dog in the world and it remains to be seen whether or not Facebook users will be treated to any more insight into the personal life of an extremely private individual.

Tags: celebrity pets / animals, celebrity social media, computers and technology

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