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Flawless Ginger Goddess Plays With Her Flawless Ginger Baby, Ovaries 'Round the World Explode

She may have missed out on an Academy Award recently but by the looks of things she is focusing on her most important role to date.

Amy Adams was playing the model mother as she enjoyed a day at the park with her daughter Aviana and fiancé Darren Le Gallo.

The family soaked up the sunshine and the fine weather at Coldwater Park in Beverly Hills last week.

The 36-year-old actress was dressed in a linen shirt and bootleg jeans for the playdate and the couple unloaded the car as they arrived at the park.

While actor and artist Darren carried the precious cargo in her red car seat, Amy followed closely behind with the baby bags.

The family found a grassy spot that looked good and placed a sheet down before decamping in the shade.

Nine-month old Aviana seemed eager to scour her surroundings and went for a short want with her mother, holding onto her hands.

But the tot didn’t get too far and the couple sat down to soak up the beautiful day with their daughter.

Feeling playful Amy picked her daughter up and help her over her head, much to the delight of the little girl.

Darren watched on proudly as his girls interacted and soaked up the day just spending some quality time with his family.

Last month Amy missed out on an Oscar for her role as Charlene Fleming in The Fighter, with her co-star Melissa Leo taking home the gong.

But the Hollywood actress didn’t fail to shine on the red carpet at the awards in a midnight blue L’Wren Scott gown and diamond and emerald Cartier jewellery worth a jaw-dropping $1.35million.

The actress will be starring in Francis Ford Coppola’s new film On The Road alongside Kristen Stewart and Kristen Dunst which is set to be released later this year.


ohmahgawd, i wanna pinch her chubby lil nugget cheeks!
oh, and the baby is cute too...
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