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Monday Wrasslin Post!!! Spoilers, The RattleSnake, The Miz and Yabba Dabba talkin

WWE RAW Preview: Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, John Cena and Wrestlemania



This week’s WWE RAW is going be another must-see episode with only four weeks left to Wrestlemania and all the story lines are heating up.  The Rock and John Cena are having a war of words, The Miz trying to show he has what it takes main even the big show, and Triple H saying he will end the Undertaker’s legendary Wrestlemania streak. To add to that, Stone Cold Steve Austin will be on RAW. Well let’s get into it....


Austin will be on hand on RAW to build up excitement for the return of WWE Tough Enough the night after Wrestlemania, but he has to be doing something relevant to the  road to Wrestlemania 27. Could Stone Cold tak sides in the Cena/Rock debate? Will the Miz try to step up to the Rattlesnake? No matter what, Austin is going to dishing out a Stone Cold Stunner to somebody.  Will it be fun to see Austin on RAW tonight? OH HELL YEAH!


On Twitter where both the Rock and Cena have cleverly continued their feud,  Cena has promised something big for this Monday’s RAW. Here is what he tweeted.

And I will come to raw for bizzness. Final knockout this monday on raw. HUSTLE. LOYALTY. RESPECT.- @johncena
(Whatever lol)

The debate about who is winning this war of words is up in there.  but what can Cena do to respond to The Rock’s monster promo from last week? The Rock pre-taped promo  really ramped up the intensity of the issue between the two mega stars, and noted the original 2008 interview in which Cena said Rock ‘abandoned’ the WWE. The big critique on the segment was Rock ‘phoning’ the promo in via a pre-taped segment on a show where WWE had sold-out the HSBC Arena in Buffalo,New York.  Even with the distance between himself and the live fans, The Rock still electrified the arena in a way that was close to his in-the-flesh presence. (Werq)

So now the ball is Cena’s court, and he has to be able bring it in the biggest way. Even the Cenation is starting to see their man get outclassed on the mic, yet he can still hold is own. Tonight Cena has to hit back and put Rock on the ropes, and tease something intriguing for Wrestlemania. Add to that pressure, Cena has balancing act of marinating his feud with The Miz.

THE UNDERTAKER vs. TRIPLE H :”the last of a dying breed”

Both Triple H and The Undertaker spoke on RAW and Smackdown this week about their match at Wrestlemania, and they both effectively crafted a narrative for their ‘road’ to April 3rd.  How will they continue this intense feud based on the past ? Will Triple put on the gear for his first TV match in 9 months?  Could the Undertaker play mind games with Cerebral Assasin via thunder-bolts and smoke?  This story has a lost a little steam since it was announced two weeks ago, it need to turn a corner and gain a little momentum back.


Kudos to the anonymous RAW GM for set a 4 week build for the Orton vs. CM Punk match at ‘Mania. The former 7-time WWE Champion will have defeat each one of Punk’s Nexus underlings to have the Mania match be one-on-one without outside intereference playing a role. Will David Otunga or Mason Ryan get a shot  or will another Nexus member get punted out of the WWE like Michael McGillicutty did last week?

What else will be happening on RAW this Monday

  • The Bella Twins used “twin magic” last week to win a dreadfully bad 2-minute Diva battle royal, and earn a future Divas Championship match. It’s unclear if this match will be at Wrestlemania, but why are the Bellas at the top of the Diva pile all the sudden? They were ring escorts for the Celebrity hosts and then they had a love angle with Daniel Bryam that fizzled out.  The bright lights of Wrestlemania seem a little too bright for the Mean Girls of Monday Night RAW.
  • Sheamus got bashed in by Triple H (killing a standing issue they had) and was jobbed out to the returning Evan Borne. What will the former 2-time WWE Champion do to bounce back and earn a spot on Wrestlemania? He’s rumored to have  a big match with one of best young stars on the RAW roster, but no spoilers here. Here is a clue: Flight of the Valkyries
  • John Morrison who was hot after having another thrilling athletic performance at the Elimination Chamber Pay Per View, and then was absent from RAW last week. After cashing his WWE Championship opportunity against the Miz on RAW in January, and has really just hanged around the mid-card since then. With only a month left before Wrestlemania, what will make Jomo a part of the  big show in Atlanta?


The Rock Confirms Status For WWE RAW, Puts Over “Stone Cold” Steve Austin


Confirming what was reported regarding The Rock’s future WWE RAW appearances, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson told his Twitter followers that he will not be at this Monday’s WWE RAW.

“Wont be at Raw tomorrow in Dallas cause I’m still shooting,” confirmed Rock, who explained that his filming commitment will get in the way of a RAW appearance. The wrestler is still expected to surface on either the 3/14 or 3/28 editions of RAW.

Lessening the blow of The Rock’s absence will be a heavily-hyped appearance from “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, who sources say will somehow be booked as the guest referee in the Michael Cole-Jerry Lawler match.

The Rock put over that appearance, writing, “Cant wait to watch my man Stone Cold raise’s his night and I’m fired up.”



Wrestlemania 27: The Miz's Title Defense Being Overshadowed

It all started last year at the Money In The Bank pay-per-view on July 18, when The Miz won the Raw branded Money In The Bank match, which gave him a contract at the WWE Championship at anytime he chooses.

That night was the Nov. 22 episode of Raw, when Miz cashed in on vulnerable WWE champion Randy Orton at the end of the show, shocking the world and winning the title.

Since then, we have seen him defend against Randy Orton at the Royal Rumble and, more recently, Jerry "The King" Lawler on two different occasions.

With his sidekick Alex Riley, better known as "A-Ri", at his side, The Miz is still the WWE Champion headed into Wrestlemania 27 in Atlanta.

I can't help but notice how the WWE realizes The Miz can't handle the spotlight of defending the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania and surrounds him with a bigger storyline.

Feb. 14 saw the long awaited return of The Rock come to fruition on an episode of Raw. It was announced on that night that the returning superstar would host Wrestlemania.

Not only that, he went directly towards responding to John Cena's 2008 tabloid comments starting a feud between the two.

This is the first time I can recall the WWE champion being cast out in a big match at Wrestlemania, the biggest match of his career nonetheless.

To Miz's defense, it seems that The Rock hosting Wrestlemania has been planned for a while, as The Rock hinted at coming back at a hosting capacity over a year ago.

However, I don't think its fair to The Miz that he is being overshadowed by the Rock/Cena saga that is taking place.

The simple resolution to this could have been having The Miz defend against his former partner John Morrison, which would've worked, and have Cena/Rock settle their differences in some kind of gimmick match, since The Rock isn't interested in wrestling.

We are only four weeks away from Wrestlemania, so it is going to be interesting to see where things go from here.

My guess is The Rock is going to get involved in this match in some way, shape or form, possibly as a special enforcer or special guest referee.

I'll admit, I was skeptical at first about The Miz being a successful WWE Champion, but I have enjoyed his work thus far, and think he is a great heel.

I wish him the best and hope he has a great match with Cena in April.







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Happy Monday ONTD!!!! This post is brought to you by The Stunner!!!

btw haters keep scrollin kthx bai!!
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