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The Holy Spirit of Vaginas, ONTD's Forever Ever Boyfran, Better Than Tron Chris Pine and Olivia Wilde walk around the set of their upcoming movie, Welcome to People, on Friday (March 4) in Los Angeles. (Wait wait wait so that's her wardrobe? In the movie??? ....oh I see you Manic Pixie Dreamgirl foil to C.Fine's uptight repressed businessman. I see you.)

The drama, expected to hit theaters sometime in 2012, centers around a man who has to deliver $150,000 of his deceased father’s fortune to a sister he’s never met.

Olivia, who has reportedly been spending time with Ryan Gosling, recently shared an embarrassing story about a phone call with President Obama (blah blah blah Ryan Gosling and Obama my vagina is jealous can we move on plz)

“He was calling to thank me for traveling to Iowa in October 2007 to volunteer for the campaign. I was very professional the whole time we spoke, then I hung up the phone - or so I thought - (PLOT TWIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!) and started squealing for about 15 seconds,” she told the April issue of Cosmopolitan.

“I later found out from a friend (OMG WAS IT KUTNER) who was with him that he listened to the shrieking,” she added, “and laughed the entire time.” (what a fascinatingly relatable story for the modern woman IS SHE DONE I HAVE CHEAP AND VULGAR COMMENTS ABOUT CHRIS PINE TO MAKE)

LOOK AT HIS LITTLE FOOCHI FACE!!!!!!!!! IT'S LIKE WHEN I TRY TO GIVE WINSTON MEDICINE WRAPPED IN A TREAT AND HE KNOWS IT IS MEDICINE BUT HE ALSO KNOWS IT IS A TREAT AND HE IS BOTH CONFUSED AND INTRIGUED!!!!!!!! although the little homosexy fashion dude inside of me can't stop looking at the little peenor tie just poking out to say hello; if the tie was the correct length ie just above the belt buckle the little peenor tie would not be so prevalent and NO WAIT THERE'S A SLIGHT HINT OF TITTYBONER. CRISIS AVERTED. DAY SAVED. NOW I'M JUST STARING AT HIS BOOBIES, AS IS MY GENERAL PURPOSE IN LIFE I FEEL (lord, please let him never ever see these posts....)

but as much as i love that he is practicing his Blue Steel/Magnum/Ferrari/Ican'tremembertherestit'sbeenawhilesinceIwatchedZoolander, can a motherfucker PLEASE get some sunglasses? what if the sun like, dulls the intense crystalline beauty of his eyes? I mean it's well documented that he'd have to have been born in the middle of a radioactive landfill to get eyes that preternaturally (yeah what's up 750 verbal on the SATs) blue in the first place, we don't know what effect Earth's yellow sun could have on them. Safety first, kids, no glove no love, etc.

my body is ready, how about you guys'? no? still saving yourselves for Joseph Gordon-Levitt, huh? That's cool. I'll take your turns verbing his noun. I'm a team player. Dudes with limitless sexual excellence bursting from their pores aren't for everyone, I guess.

source often wonders if there's anything more to life than being really really ridiculously good looking
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