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Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber Refuse to Accept New Haircut


It's been just over a week since teenage heartthrob Justin Bieber got the haircut that made headlines, but some fans are still in denial over the loss of his luscious, side-swept locks.

At least that's the sentiment sweeping the Bieber blog Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber, which posts photographs of women -- many of whom are lesbians -- who happen to resemble the 17-year-old teen sensation.

Now, for a blog that updates on a daily basis, you'd think there would already be several postings of female doppelgangers proudly copying Bieber's new 'do.


Blog founder –- and fellow lesbian Bieber look-alike –- Dannielle Owens-Reid told AOL News that despite announcing Bieber's major hair development in a post last week, she's gotten zero photo submissions of lesbians sporting Bieber's new, more mature haircut.

This leads her to believe that lesbians who resemble the youthful, attractive singer -- or at least those "Biebians" who regularly visit her blog -- simply aren't ready to accept the change in his hairstyle. Instead, they seem to be ignoring it.

"I get submissions every single day. Since he cut his hair, that hasn't changed. But I'm still getting the same amount of pictures of girls with the swoopy Justin Bieber hair, not the new style. It's like everyone wants to ignore the new cut, just like everyone wants to ignore the fact that he's dating Selena Gomez. It's one of those 'say it ain't so' moments," Owens-Reid said.

The lack of acknowledgment by Bieber look-alikes, she reasoned, could also mean that his signature side-swept style is bigger than anything we could've imagined -- bigger than Bieber himself.

"Even if he cuts his hair, he can't escape the Justin Bieber hairstyle. People will always talk about it, even when he's an old man. It's like Jennifer Aniston and 'The Rachel.' It will never, ever go away."

If this trend continues and no photos come in of women sporting the teen's new trim, Owens-Reid said she might have to start an online fan petition begging Bieber to grow his locks back out. After all, it seems to be what the people want. Rumor has it that right after he cut his hair, some 80,000 disapproving fans stopped following Bieber on Twitter.

Owens-Reid figures that if enough lesbians who look like Bieber unite, they may be able to coerce the young, impressionable pop star to go back to his roots, which, frankly, have helped propel him to higher fame.

But even if Bieber sticks with the new look, Owens-Reid isn't worried about it hurting business on the LWLLJB website.

"The haircut isn't all that drastic. He still looks like himself, and lesbians still look like Justin Bieber. That's not going to change," she said. "Lesbians love dressing like teenage boys. Justin is adorable, and now that he's been around for a while, I think people are proud to look like him. It's not an insult, it's an honor."

Owens-Reid said she's not ready to cut her own side-swept mane to look more like Bieber's, since she thinks his original style will grow back in no time. Besides, she kind of likes flipping her hair out of her eyes -- a move Bieber has publicly perfected, if not coined.

For the record, Bieber knows all about Owens-Reid's blog. He talked about it a few weeks ago during an appearance on "Chelsea Lately" and admitted it was pretty funny.

Owens-Reid said hearing that was a total relief, since she herself is a huge fan of the teenage dreamboat.

"My biggest fear in the world is that Justin Bieber hates me. Hearing that he thinks the website is funny is great. It's meant as a compliment, not to make him feel uncomfortable."

At the end of the day, Owens-Reid insisted that it's lesbians who look like Bieber, not Bieber who looks like a lesbian, so the teen shouldn't feel awkward about his cutesy appearance.

If anything, she said he should feel flattered by the female copycats -- and grow his hair back to keep the ladies happy.

Bring back the side swoop, Justin. Never say never.

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