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happythankyoumoreplease screening + after party

A bunch of random people that aren't in this movie, attend this event.

I only really care for the attractive men so I will start you off with Steven Strait and continue with a FEW more attractive men. Then you will see the other celebrities...

Adrien Grenier

Tom Cavanagh

Will Estes, is it just me or can you see his makeup?

Pablo Schreiber, idk if this guy is in anything else but he was my favorite character in this movie.

Russell Simmons and Gabourey Sidibe

Malin Ackerman and Josh Radnor

Zoe Kazan

Some guy with uhhhhh John Mayer. Too weird...

I just don't support this look.

Steve Guttenberg!

The cast looking cute. This picture makes me wonder where Tony Hale and Kate Mara are. Although...ONTD hates Kate Mara/Avril Lavigne haha.

Jaymay, this whole movie was all Jaymay music minus a few songs.

And lastly, Ed Westwick wearing idkwhat?! looking smhhh...
(I know it looks like this is a random picture I just added into the post, but according to justjared, it's from the after party.)

I actually already saw this movie. I thought it was a good, just alright movie. Earlier in the year someone had compared it to Garden State since Josh Radnor is a guy on a tv show writing a movie blah blah, but Garden State>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Happythankyoumoreplease. Also I hate the title of the movie. I also don't like Malin Ackerman tbh. If you like Tony Hale (Buster Bluth) you may want to watch this because his character was really sweet/the best. Josh Radnor's storyline was the most boring of the three storylines in the movie.

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Source 2
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