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Take Me Out shocker as Lucy Evans bags a man at long last

TAKE Me Out star Lucy Evans FINALLY got a date the 45th attempt.

The 19-year-old from Porthcawl had endured misery on hit ITV show Take Me Out for 12 weeks running.

But despite being endlessly rejected she finally landed a fella this evening when gym manager Dave from Essex chose her.

Lucy and host Paddy McGuiness

Dave from Essex

The Welsh beauty leapt into the air when she was chosen, ran to her fellow contestants to celebrate and then jumped athletically into host Paddy McGuinness's arms.

"Oh my God I'm so excited I finally got a date," she screamed.

Lucky man Dave added: "Lucy's been on the show from the start.

"Perhaps it was fate that she was still there for me to pick up."

When she was told she would be travelling to the sunshine isle of Fernando - aka Tenerife - Lucy whooped: "Isle of Fernando!!!"

She contined to scream "Yesssss!!!" as she headed backstage.

It ends a truly miserable run for Lucy, who had kept her light on a record 29 times in her bid to find love since the current series began in December.

Last month her 'no likey, no lighty' heartbreak nearly boiled over, when she demanded: "What's wrong with me!?".

She even appeared to threaten one bewildered male contestant, saying she would be 'gutted' if he didn't take her out.

Lucy, who has had several facebook fan groups set up in her honour, will fly out for her date with Dave early next week.

It will be shown on ITV1 next Saturday evening.


Mods please accept it. From the viewpoint of a UK ONTD-er, this is BIG NEWS. It was top trending topic on Twitter AND WITH GOOD REASON.

For everyone outside the US, Take Me Out (wikipedia) is the best thing to happen to TV since The Wire. 30 single girls, 1 single fella, let the sausage see the roll etc.
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