Bill Hader Explains Origins of SNL's Stefon - Thank the Flawless John Mulaney, Not Overrater Hader

He’s been awake for a few days, is really into “dungeon culture” and has a massive crush on “Weekend Update” anchor Seth Meyers. He’s also the most beloved “Saturday Night Live” character to debut in years: Stefon, a tweaked-out club kid turned “city correspondent.”

Played by master impressionist Bill Hader, 32, and co-written by standup comic and “SNL” staff writer John Mulaney, 28, Stefon offers a ridiculous, absurd caricature of Manhattan’s fake trends, near-overdose-level club life and hipster culture.

“Stefon,” Mulaney says, “is someone who can stay up partying for three days straight, fall off a building, land on his feet and then walk into 30 Rock and do ‘Weekend Update.’”

By clicking this cut I hereby and henceforth acknowledge that John 'free bitch' Mulaney is vastly superior to Bill 'should be a cater waiter' HaderCollapse )

So regardless of my jests I do think Hader is awesome, but honestly what, why, how is John not an SNL cast member? Lorne Michaels, you're testing my patience boo boo. Make it happen.
John Mulaney - Subway Station Chase
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