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Jennifer Lopez doesn’t really enjoying having to cut people on American Idol. So in last night’s episode, when the judges had to pick three wild card spots to make up the top 13 finalists, J. Lo was struggling!

“Ugh. It was awful!” Jennifer told MTV News about picking the wild card spots with Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler. “It was so tough. It was so hard, even up until the very last second. It was like, wait a minute, we really didn’t know who to choose at the last minute. It could have gone any way. Even when we did it, when we announced it, we were like, ‘Did we do the right thing?’ I don’t know.”

But Jennifer knew that with so many talented contestants this year, a talented person would unfortunately be going home.

“[We] were going to send somebody home that maybe deserved to be there,” she said. “Probably a lot of kids [went] home who deserved to be there.”

Stefano Langone and Naima Adedapo had to sing to the judges for their wild card spots.

“I had to work for that spot. I had to work to where I wanted to be, and I feel really blessed to have gotten that,” Stefano told MTV News. “I’m so thankful and honored and blessed. It’s a dream.”

“Words can’t really express it, but it’s like a high,” Naima explained. “It’s like being elevated somewhere. I feel like I wasn’t even on Earth anymore, I just kind of was happy and in the moment. I felt like I had an opportunity to really show them how much I really want it.”

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I teared up a lil, not even gonna lie.

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