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Kate Winslet curses out Melissa Leo

Kate Winslet fires off joke rant at Leo

Kate Winslet has fired off a hilarious and foul-mouthed rant aimed at pal Melissa Leo after the actress blamed the Brit for her expletive-laced Oscars acceptance speech on Sunday.

Leo made Academy Awards history when she became the first star to utter the 'F' word onstage at the Oscars, and has since blamed Winslet for the slip-up.

Appearing on Ellen DeGeneres' chat show in America on Tuesday, The Fighter star said, "We did (TV movie) Mildred Pierce... She's delightful and curses like a sailor all the time. She was in my mind. It's Kate's fault."

And the Titanic star has picked up the joke.

In an interview with, she says, "Everyone dumps all this s*** on me, all the f****** time. She (Leo) is right, though. She is absolutely right. I have got to hand it to her, and she did curse on the stage of the Academy Awards. That's my kind of cool.

"I sent her a text message (that read): 'Is that f****** you, Melissa? You motherf****** cow,' and the bitch hasn't called me back!"

Leo has publicly apologised for her Oscar night expletive, stating, "It just slipped out. I was a little excited."

Kate Winslet Continues Her Streak of Little Hot Black Dresses

Kate Winslet's classic black dress matched her backdrop at an event at Hotel Crillon in Paris last night. She's in France during the city's Fashion Week, and the actress is also kicking off her promotional duties for Mildred Pierce. The dramatic HBO miniseries is among BuzzSugar's Must Haves for March and premieres later in the month, on the 27th. The role seemed like an Emmy lock for Oscar-winner Kate, but the new rules which merge miniseries and made-for-TV movies will apparently stiffen the competition . Kate is also the latest Glamour magazine cover girl, and in the issue she opens up about her weight, views on plastic surgery, and how she tries to keep her kids from getting special treatment.

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