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Amy Poehler: Watching Comedies 'Not My Idea of Fun'

The delightful Amy Poehler stars in NBC's 'Parks and Recreation,' a mockumentary that pokes fun at local government, specifically the earnest folks of Pawnee, Ind. The brilliant comedian, an alum of 'Upright Citizens Brigade' and 'SNL,' is married to the equally brilliant Will Arnett and is the mother to Archie and Abel. She spoke to PopEater about the "chaos" in her boy-filled household, dealing with annoying paparazzi and what she and Will watch on TV -- she doesn't say '30 Rock.'

Your character on 'Parks and Rec' (Leslie Knope) really thinks her job is important, even though it's not.
What I like about her is how she has really big dreams and a very small amount of power. I think that's always really fun to play. At the end of the day the show is just a character comedy. She's really fun to play because she's a well intentioned lunatic. She's clueless but smart. She's ambitious, but she doesn't really know how to play the game to get ahead.

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Parks and Rec will be back on March 17th.
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