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My Strange Addiction Casting Call

ONTD's favorite show, TLC's My Strange Addiction, is casting for their second season.   The types of addictions and people they are looking to exploit document are after the cut.

(The same casting/production company is also casting for a new "transhuman" show about furries, people who think they are werewolves,etc.)

TLC's new reality series, "My Strange Addiction" is currently looking for participants for season 2!
Are you or someone you know a "NEVER NUDE?"

Do you or someone you know struggle with taking off clothing?  Do you have to wear clothing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?
Is it impossible for you to shower completely in the nude?  
Do you avoid going to the doctor or the gym to avoid nudity?
Are you addicted to clothing and refuse to be with out it even when you're alone?
Is being a "NEVER NUDE" seriously impacting your relationships and lifestyle?

For consideration, please send in your name, age, current city, recent photo, contact information and brief summary about how being addicted to  clothing and living life as a NEVER NUDE is impacting you.

If you or someone you know is addicted to snorting weird things we'd love to hear
from you!

Do you or someone you know compulsively snort BIZARRE things such as:
- food items
- non-food items
- sugar, flower, baking soda, baby powder
- candy products
- dirt, sand, soil
- ANYTHING ELSE that is not a narcotic

Are friends and family concerned about this addiction?
Do you or someone you know need help with their strange addiction but have no idea
where to go or who to talk to?
Tags: casting / auditions, reality show, television

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