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Sucker Punch Round-Up Post!!!!!!!

Cinemania Magazine Sucker Punch Set Visit (This report is extremely long, but worth the read!)

Since many of you might not have the time to read a full report or you just might not care about everything I did, here’s the most important thing I want to tell you: if you are a fan of Zack Snyder’s three previous films, Sucker Punch is going to ram its figurative fist in your face with how cool it is. The film is loaded with action. You get to see hot women in amazing costumes and kicking ass. Plus the film is from the mind of Zack Snyder, so you’re going to get plenty of slow motion shots and astonishing unbroken takes.

As I said, this film is completely original and that’s one of the reasons why it’s so cool. Most films move along in a certain way. You get a big action scene to start a movie, you get another in the middle, and you end with the biggest set piece. Along the way our protagonist meets someone who changes their view, or their best friend ends up being the villain. Almost every Hollywood movie follows a similar structure. And that’s why you should be so excited for Sucker Punch. This is a film that will move at its own pace, obey its own rules, and it’ll show what Zack Snyder can do in many different realities when he is only limited by the scope of his imagination. And based on the production artwork we saw and the designs for the big action set pieces, the man has plenty of amazing ideas that we have never seen in any of his previous films. [...]

The thing to remember about Sucker Punch is a lot of the film exists in the mind of Baby Doll, so while a normal movie might have to justify why a twelve foot Samurai solider exists, or how a dragon plays into a film, this movie doesn’t have to explain anything and that freedom is what makes this movie feel so fresh and exciting.

Since I really don’t want to spoil all the twist and turns I learned on set, I’ll just say the girls are trying to locate four objects: a map, fire, a knife, and a key. These are the four items they need to steal and each item exists in its own original universe. That’s why as you watch footage from the film in the trailers and TV spots, everything looks so different. In each universe they’re up against different monsters or environments. [...]

While the footage featured plenty of green screen and zero finished effects, I could easily see what Zack Snyder was going for and it looked mind-blowing. Not only did we see (Abbie) Cornish and (Jena) Malone smack the life out of some German soldiers, we saw some amazing slow motion shots that will make audiences freak out. One shot, which I will not spoil, featured a weapon being thrown across a long distance in slow motion. If you saw 300 and Watchmen, you sort of know what to expect, but it was still jaw-dropping. Also, I could not believe how stunning the sequence looked even though it was just being filmed and all of the effects were in-camera. Some movies don’t look this good even after the effects have been added in post-production. [...]

As you can hopefully tell from the craziness of this set report, Sucker Punch is going to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen on a movie screen. While the production was still figuring a few things out on set, I could see all the time and energy that had been put into layering this film with tons of spectacular extras that this is going to be something special when it gets released in 2011. It’s also going to be a film that rewards you for repeat viewings.

Ultimately, if you’re a fan of Zack Snyder – especially Zack Snyder’s action sequences – you’re going to absolutely love what he has in store for Sucker Punch. interview with Emily Browning [audio one two three]

With writer-director Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch getting released in less than a month (March 25), Warner Bros. has finally lifted my embargo and after the jump you can either read or listen to the on set interview I did with Emily Browning. As the star of Snyder’s crazy new film, Browning talked about how she bonded with the rest of the cast (Vanessa Hudgens, Jena Malone, Jamie Chung, Abbie Cornish), what it was like to act in several different levels of fantasy on top of all of the physical requirements of the role, the huge action set pieces, and so much more. Like I said in my set report, if you’re a fan of Zack Snyder – especially Zack Snyder’s action sequences – you’re going to absolutely love what he has in store for Sucker Punch.

I have to say that it is so cool seeing you guys here cheering her [Jena] on. I mean, is that the sort of camaraderie you have where you show up and cheer for each other?

Emily Browning: Yeah. Jen, Abby, and I were training for three months before we even started filming. Vanessa and Jamie came in for a month as well. I mean, it’s bizarre. I was worried that five girls in a film together could be super bitchy, and it’s not. It’s not like that at all. Jena and I live together. If I don’t see one of them every day I will freak out. It’s like I need it. We just visit each other every weekend and we are just kind of like a total sisterhood. I think it’s because we trained together. So the first time you meet you are sweating, crying, and bleeding. It builds this crazy bond. [...]

Each of the characters have a sort of iconography that goes along with them. Did you have any input on that and how do you feel about the schoolgirl aspect that you have going on?

Browning: I love it. I mean, I love that in terms of aesthetics I am the most innocent looking, but Baby is really kind of the…I don’t want to say the toughest because all of the girls are tough in their own way. But I love the fact that it’s this total flip of what you would normally expect from that really innocent schoolgirl. She’s totally stoic, tough, and kind of angry. I just like that kind of juxtaposition. I think it’s pretty cool. [MORE HERE] interview with Jena Malone and Abbie Cornish [audio here]

During the interview I participated in with Jena Malone and Abbie Cornish, they talked about the dance scenes, training for the film, the action, their relationships to Baby Doll, the costumes, and a lot more.

What was your training like for the film?

Abbie Cornish: We started off in Los Angeles and spent a month there. We’d go out to 87-11 and train in the morning, martial arts – warm up, warm down. Then we’d have a half-hour break, our protein shakes, our amino acids.

Malone: And then Logan and Dave would take over, our physical trainers, our weight and strength advisers.

Cornish: They’d train us like maniacs for an hour and a half. We’d also do gun work, as well, which was so much fun. Then when we came to Vancouver, it was pretty much the same schedule, but we were learning more about the moves that we’d use in the film, the choreography for the film. Everything ramped up.

Malone: On top of the marital arts and weapons, we were doing costumes and walking through the sets and meeting with Zack. It was really a full-on rehearsal schedule. The first three months that the three of us girls were training together – Jaime and Vanessa didn’t come until August – that was the rehearsal. All three of us girls sweating, crying, figuring out what our pain threshold was. In a weird way, it was like an asylum. We had to eat at a specific time. We had to push ourselves to the limits. We were wearing these sweat uniforms and being instructed. Everything was a regiment. It was a far more interesting style of rehearing. Getting to know the physical body of the character, the character’s pain threshold, and how you can work together as a team. Horrible moments, like when I’m doing my 20th farmer’s carry and I’m frickin’ sobbing and you want to do it for the other girls. You all become strong together. I think that any form of round-the-table, reading-the-scenes, we never would have gotten to that point of closeness and how connected we were in those first three months.

Cornish: And it was such an unspoken thing. We did talk about it, but there were so many moments when we were all just going hard and doing this thing. For me, in particular, during those three months, there was this feeling inside me that was almost zen-like. It was so peaceful because coming in, and doing martial arts, and working out, and learning how to use a gun. You have to be so careful with a gun; it’s a deadly weapon. There was something very focused about that process, very disciplined. Just to be able to exert that much energy and let it out every single day. It was really fun. [AGAIN, A LOT MORE HERE] interview with Vanessa Hudgens and Jamie Chung [audio here]

I wonder what the kids who grew up watching Vanessa Hudgens in High School Musical are going to think. That’s because in writer-director Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch, Hudgens is playing a role that’s a complete 180 from her work in those Disney films and I think she’s going surprise everyone (in a good way). [...]

Late in 2009, I got to visit the set with a few other online reporters when the production was filming in Vancouver. While there I got to speak with most of the cast and after the jump you can either read or listen to my on set interview with Vanessa Hudgens and Jamie Chung. They talk about the revealing costumes, the different realities in the film, the dance numbers, training for the role (which included training with Navy SEALS), shooting guns, and so much more.

Can you talk about your dance numbers? Have you already filmed them?

Chung: No, I film mine tomorrow. Hers is Wednesday?

Hudgens: Yeah.

Chung: I’m the sexy French Maid and we’re doing a tango. But every dance is so different. Jena’s [Malone] dance is today and I saw a clip of her rehearsal and just what the set decorator was able to do with the giant needle coming down a pole. It’s like, ‘How do you think of these things?’ It’s wild and it’s beyond anyone’s imagination. It’s just creatively rich. It’s fascinating.

Hudgens: I do a belly dance as well. It’s very fun. It’s very Moroccan themed and the costumes are just bedazzled.

Chung: And I feel like the dances kind of show our characters, some sort of essence of our characters. For Blondie, I feel like, even though the name is Blondie she’s dark and she’s mysterious and she’s kind of guarded. With your dance, it’s mysterious and dark and edgy and really sexy. It’s the same thing with the French maid. Amber’s more peppy and she’s sexy and strong but she’s, I feel like, more friendly and wants everyone to get along. Very Joan of Arc. Very powerful. I’m in the business to please, I guess. [YOU GET THE IDEA BY NOW]

Independent Woman
Vanessa Hudgens has joked that she'd love to have a blood-drenched costume in her new action movie - because red looks great on her.

The High School Musical actress stars in the fantasy flick Sucker Punch, and when asked by Collider if she'd like to get covered in gore for the role she quipped: "I look good in red."

Vanessa also revealed she still appreciated her all-singing, all-dancing role as Gabriella in the hit musical movie trilogy.

She said: "I took this movie [Sucker Punch] because Zack Snyder is an incredible director and the plot is just fascinating. It's very appealing. What actress wouldn't want to do it? It's not me trying to push aside everything else that people know me as, it's just that this is an incredible project to be a part of."

Vanessa's co-star Jamie Chung told the website because of the PG-13 US rating for Sucker Punch, certain things couldn't be shown on screen.

"You can't point the gun directly at the camera and you can't show the knife penetrating... nobody gets sprayed with blood. It would have been fun".

Vanessa added: "Yeah, you can't kill an actual human, you can only kill Orcs."

Sucker Punch soundtrack:

sorry bros, they won't embed but here's what you can hear if you bother to click:

1. Emily Browning - "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)"
2 .Bjork ft. Skunk Anansie - "Army of Me (Sucker Punch Remix)"
3. Emiliana Torrini - "White Rabbit"
4. Queen with Armageddon - "I Want it All/We Will Rock You" Mash-Up
5. Skunk Anansie - "Search and Destroy"
6. Alison Mosshart and Carla Azar - "Tomorrow Never Knows"
7. Yoav ft. Emily Browning - "Where Is My Mind?"
8. Emily Browning - "Asleep"
9. Carla Gugino & Oscar Isaac - "Love Is the Drug"

Newish trailer/promo spots!

Leftover from Art of Sucker Punch

Cineplex Magazine March 2011

TopCinema March 2011 - Mexico

(yeah, after three years of Spanish in HS, I still can't understand anything, but the pictures are pretty!)

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