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Da Brat Praises Nicki Minaj + talks Mariah Carey

Look who just hopped up out the pen! VIBE caught up with Da Brat during her first 48 free from an almost three year prison bid. Read on to find out what R&B singers and models she had posted up on her cell wall, details on her upcoming memoir, her most surprising visitor, and why she just might get sexy for us again in 2011.
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Well the sexy tomboy look is in. Are you feeling Nicki Minaj's swag?
I listened to Nicki Minaj’s album and liked it. She’s not keeping herself in a bubble. I like the diversity and that it’s working for her. Because at one point they weren’t letting female rappers do too much. It was either your selling sex or your being hard. But she gets to do both. That’s a good thing.

Safe to say you'd do a collab then?
Hell yeah I would.

How did you find out about Mariah's pregnancy?
Oh man! I talk to Mariah often and her and Nick came to see me. I knew about the miscarriage and I know she's having the twins. And I know she only wanted to do it one time. They are like the cutest couple, they both are eternally 12. I swear! They’re big kids.

Who was most surprising visitor?
Mariah and Nick surprised me! I saw someone from their crew and said ‘Oh shit!’ I would’ve never thought that she would’ve came, she’s so girly! But that's what real friends do.

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