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Finally! Nicole Scherzinger's debut album news~

Nicole Scherzinger has announced details of her debut album.

The singer, who officially quit the Pussycat Dolls in December last year, will release Killer Love on March 20.

The star recorded the LP - whose artwork appears on the right - in New York and LA in between her filming commitments for Men In Black 3.

"This album is fun and dangerous, soulful and with attitude!" Scherzinger said in a press release. "Music that you can rock out to, dance around, sing and feel good to. It means everything. It's what I've been working up to for my whole life."

The record's first single 'Poison' peaked at number three in the UK, while its follow-up 'Don't Hold Your Breath' is out a week prior to the album's release.

The release marks Scherzinger's second attempt at solo stardom, after 2007's Her Name Is Nicole was eventually cancelled.

The tracklisting for Killer Love appears below:

1. 'Poison'
2. 'Killer Love'
3. 'Don't Hold Your Breath'
4. 'Right There'
5. 'You Will Be Loved'
6. 'Wet'
7. 'Say Yes'
8. 'Club Banger Nation'
9. 'Power's Out' (feat. Sting)
10. 'Desperate'
11. 'Everybody'
12. 'Heartbeat' (with Enrique Iglesias)
13. 'Casualty'
14. 'AmenJena'


i'm so excited! i wish the track list was longer though.
Tags: music / musician, music / musician (pop), nicole scherzinger / pussycat dolls

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