Esperanza Spalding talks Justin Bieber fan backlash: 'I didn't see it or hear it'

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Sure, Esperanza Spalding made Grammy history when she was the first jazz artist to ever win the Best New Artist award, but that's not what made headlines on music's biggest night. What did? The fact that she beat Justin Bieber.

After Spalding's name was called, JB fans set their phasers to attack. They hacked into her wikipedia page and their tweets about her were, to put it mildly, less than kind. Here is one example: "@espespalding DID YOU SELL OUT 86 SHOWS IN 2 DAYS? WERE ANY OF YOUR ALBUMS ON THE TOP OF BILLBOARD 200? NO. SIT THE F**K DOWN."

Spalding appeared on "The View" on Wednesday, Mar. 2, where the ladies asked if she had seen or heard the backlash from Bieber's fans. "I didn't. We went to Japan and I heard about it from friends, I didn't see it or hear it,"
she says. "There was so much other stuff going on at the Grammys. Justin Bieber and I weren't the only ones there."

So what was going through her mind when she was waiting for her name to be called? "I actually wasn't waiting for my name. I didn't think it would be mine. I was thoroughly shocked,"
Spalding says.

So were the JB fans, Esperanza. So were the JB fans.


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