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The what could have been post: HEY ARNOLD EDITION

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After the post the other day which turned out to be a lie, and break the hearts of millions of former children, I started to look up Hey Arnold. The show ended after the Hey Arnold movie. I still find it strange that they ended it without ever continuing the story of Arnold's parents...if we remember there was an entire episode based on them and their whereabouts were unknown, lost in South America somewhere.

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Turns out, Nickelodeon was going to produce a 2nd movie. The script was finished, everything was set but Nick stopped and canceled the show and movie. The final movie was to be "The Jungle Movie," which was to be the follow up from hour long episode about Arnold's parents.

A bit of the synopsis of the movie:

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The whole class, who are now in the fifth grade, go to San Lorenzo in Central America after Arnold wins them an essay contest. However, he has his own secret agenda to go look for his parents with the map that he found in "The Journal" (the episode about his parents).

Arnold meets the Green Eyes, the people his parents were helping. When he was born he silenced all of nature (the erupting volcano); the Green Eyes have a design motif that is like a football head in all their architecture, etc. and when they see Arnold's head, they think he is divine. They are also impressed with Helga's ferocity. It makes the Green Eyes to semi-worship Arnold and Helga. The Green Eyes also think very highly of Miles and Stella, because they’ve all saved each other’s lives before, many times.

La Sombra, a villain who was briefly seen in "The Journal" is a big character of the movie, he is Miles and Stella's enemy. He is a mercenary treasure hunter and river pirate, who goes in disguise. La Sombra is after La Corazon, a fabulous jewel and a sacred relic of the Green Eyes, which can't be seen in the light of day.

Arnold finally takes the next step in his relationship with Helga. While in the first movie she confesses her love for him, but he dodges out of telling how he feels in return, in The Jungle Movie he completes the conversation. She acts like she still hates him again, but after they "get together" they realize that they are meant for each other. In the end of the movie they share a short kiss (they are in a hurry), but Gerald interrupts them. When they make a really lame excuse he says "Whatever you say". By that point most people would probably already notice what's going on between Arnold and Helga, and start teasing them about it.

Another planned idea was a spin off show on Nick@Nite/MTV called "The Pataki's" based on Helga at age 15 years old.

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Nickelodeon had ordered a script more structured like The Simpsons: three acts, half hour. If they liked the script they would order an episode or a series. Craig Bartlett wrote a pilot script with Michelle Lamoreaux in 2000. However, it turned out to be "too dark" for Nickelodeon's intended audience.

The series was also offered to music channel MTV. This was during the time when the channel began to air animated shows like Bevis and Butthead as opposed to full length music videos. However, the channel declined it, as it was too similar to another show called Daria, which didn't do too well in the ratings and was eventually removed from the schedule.

Some information about The Patakis leaked through Craig Bartlett's chats and interviews. Most of the kids from Hey Arnold are in The Patakis as well, except Arnold, who has moved away, thus making Helga the star of the series.

Some info on the characters involved in the Pataki's story line:

Helga Pataki (she still is supposed to be voiced by Francesca Smith) is 15 in the series and is still crazy about Arnold. They once were a couple, and had some stormy times but later broke up. Helga writes a letter to him every night, mails them, but takes them out of the mail, and keeps the letters in binders, very organized like her shrines. She also is a budding author. Helga still is an underdog and pretty grumpy; ticked off, but not exactly depressed. Helga stubbornly keeps her pigtails and unibrow, she has become taller and skinnier (but not quite anorexic), and is developing breasts. She keeps her pink bow, but hides it under a cap (her own, not Arnold's).

Arnold has recently moved away. One theory of why was that he apparently moved to San Lorenzo to live with his parents, but Craig Bartlett has not confirmed it. He still keeps his blue cap. Craig Bartlett had an idea for an episode where Helga runs away to find Arnold. He got over Lila long ago. Most likely he writes letters to Helga.

Olga has moved back home from Bennington (she kept straight A's throughout the college) and is pursuing an acting career. She is always auditioning for plays off-off-off-off-off Broadway. Helga still thinks she's an annoying dork. The Patakis pilot involves Olga losing favor with her parents.

Big Bob continues to run his successful beeper empire, and is a lot like Tony Soprano in the way he looks and acts.

Miriam is attending AA meetings. She is working at a TV station. -- (This doesn't surprise me actually lol)

Lila is not the bane of Helga's existence anymore. After Arnold moved away, they even become friends.

Gerald and Phoebe are a cool couple, not dysfunctional one like Helga and Arnold. Their relationship is kept in the background.

Other confirmed characters are Sid, Stinky, Dr. Bliss, Nick Vermicelli, Brainy. New characters were also supposed to appear but no information was released about who they were.

Well now you know what could have been...I feel deprived of this Pataki's storyline. I feel it would have been an awesome show.

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