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Bieber turns 17, flips us off...

It's Biebs and his girl and his bird

Before you know it, they're driving cars, dating Disney stars and flipping the bird.

JUSTIN BIEBER issued the one-finger salute while driving away from LA eatery Maggiano's after celebrating his 17th birthday there with girlfriend SELENA GOMEZ


Perhaps it was his way of shedding his child star image - even though he's not actually an adult yet.

Either way, it was a bold move from the clean cut Canadian singer - and one his mum will no doubt be having words with him about.

Matriarch Pattie Mallette confiscated Justin's mobile phone following a row last year.

He'll be distraught if she hides his car keys for making obscene hand gestures.

Earlier in the day, the teen titan was in much sunnier form on a shopping trip with his Disney Star beau to Beverly Hills.

The newly-shorn Baby star looked several years younger than 17 as he and his lady put on a tactile show for snappers.

And anyone telling them to "get a room" might find they already have, the loved up duo spent the weekend in the Presidential Suite of the swanky St. Regis Monarch Beach hotel in Dana Point, California.

And they were left alone, without bodyguards or parents, to celebrate his birthday in private .

The luxury suite boasts a butler on call, a dining room to seat 10, a private balcony overlooking the ocean, a hot tub and, crucially, two bedrooms.

A source said:"For the most part, Justin and Selena wanted to be left alone. They didn't have bodyguards or parents with them, but there was an emergency contact list at the front desk with numbers for a bodyguard and some of their people's info if they needed it in any way."

As for the hair he's had chopped off, fans are going crazy for it on eBay.

Bids have passed the £8,000 mark for locks of his famous fringe, with proceeds going to several charities.

He recently handed a stash of his discarded tresses to chat show hostess ELLEN DEGENERES, telling her: "I'm giving pieces of it to different people. We're doing something special.

"We want you to donate it to whatever charity you want."

The auction ends later today.

ETA video

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