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Rihanna Asks Fans To Help Choose Her Next Single

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Rihanna has called on the help of her Navy after struggling to choose which tune from her hit album Loud to release as her next single.

The S&M star took to Twitter to ask her followers which LP track she should pick as her next release this summer.

RiRi stated she was torn between four songs - Man Down, Fading, California King Bed and Cheers (Drink To That) - asking her fans to help her make a decision on which track should be her new single.

The 23-year old tweeted: "QUESTION EXISTING: I'm shootin a new vid in a cpl wks, I just need u to tell me, which song should I shoot? What is my next single? its hard to go from s+m to SKIN! Don't wanna be 2 swiney."

After getting an overwhelming response, Rihanna posted: "K so its lookin like Man Down, CKB, Fadin, Cheers! But this was the EXACT problem I had b4, I can't choose between these 4 songs!"

She added: "Helllp!!! Ok, now gimme de top 2 in order of how they should be released! Remember its spring/summertime!!!! See why I had to ask u guys??? SO HARD to choose."

It seems RiRi still can't make up her mind, later tweeting: "Man, I love CKB, But Man Down is so GANSTA! Like dance hall queen type gangsta."

The Rude Boy hitmaker then added: "And Cheers makes me wanna get chocolate wasted!! Whether its the weekend or NOT."

While we leave RiRi deliberating over her next single choice, the Barbadian beauty has been added to the line-up of this year's V Festival, along with the likes of Eminem - with the pair more than likely to perform their hit duet, Love The Way You Lie at the event in August.

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