What used to be Girlicious speak about Natalie and Chrystina leaving the group

Nichole Cordova: "Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Your support is overwhelming and i wish the girls the best of luck! Let’s keep “Hate Love” going, keep requesting at your radio stations! SO many amazing opportunities ahead for my group haha! LOVE each and every one of you :D Remember. There is a bigger picture and whether you want it or not, change will come. It is scary but it is amazing and it is exhilarating to push yourself out of your comfort zone and prevail. Change is the best thing that will ever happen to you 100 percent of the time!!!XO"

Natalie Mejia: "Ive been in girl groups since I was 12.4 in total. Moving on and for good reason. Thank you for all the blessings! I’m making another mark in reality tv. This june, and am involved in many other projects, including some features in upcoming magazines. There will be a video to Penitentiary as well as new things you haven’t heard! I have a show next week I will be posting! I love you all. Xox"

Even former member Tiffanie Anderson had something to say about it. Could she be rejoining Girlicious? And whose side is she on?