Kristin Chenoweth: Ambien's Unwitting Spokesperson

And in case you don't follow her,

Why do I insist on three little snickers before bed with a 90 calories sized coke? Why do I love chocolate and coke and cookies and icing and gum and ice cream and donuts so much. I love super bubble, snickers, york pepp mint patty, krackle, mr goodbar. Peanut m and m’s,rolos,100 grand bars! Oy the list goes on and on. Receeses peanut cups. Choclate shakes, chocholate cake, sprinkles cupcakes, choc chop cookies , banana creme pie. Snicker pie. Donuts. O … I love seven layer bars! We call them HELLO DOLLIES in Oklahoma. Cold stone creamery is YUM. I love candy so much. I’m twelve. And, scene. I love hello dollies. And snickers. And yorks. And reeses. And m and ms. Geesh. Fruity Pebbles make me happy. I love Bedrock. I am also fond of the Cap’n, mrs. Fields, ben and jerry etc. I love starbucks oatmeal. With brownsugar and nuts!? Cmon! So good. I love Mint choc chip ice cream, muffin tops, cinnamon rolls, donuts, apple fritters. I also love black and white cookies, moose tracks ice cream, levain Cookies. I’m drooling. I also love swiss cheese with turkey and ranch dressing. I LOVE ICEES FROM 7/11. I hate popcorn and fish. no I looove sweets. I couldn’t live without them. What’s wrong with me? Oh I love snickerdoodles too. Hahahahahaha I love sweets. And super bubble and coke cola!! I can’t wait to eat mexican this week in Nashville!! And pancake Pantry!!! Yahoo! A song about the food I love could be funny actualy. I love gummy bears and hot tamales and sweet tarts and yogurt covered pretzels. I LOVE POP TARTS. @chelywright u like pop tarts too?? What’s yer fav? Mine is strawberry with icing. Vanilla milkshake poptarts? Are u kidding me? Where is the pop tart store? I am trying not to ambiEn eat. On my fourth piece of supPer bubble. But I wann eat stuff. Yea just gum. Like 15 pieces tho. Last meal. Pizza with ranch dressing. Ice cream cake from baskin robbins and an icee. I love pizza with ranch. Or maybe tacos with ranch too.