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King Colin talks about meeting His Queen

Colin Firth stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about The King’s Speech as well as who he’s celebrating Valentine’s Day with.

How Colin Firth met his wife

He’s been married to Livia Giuggioli for 14 years, so it came as no surprise to hear that he’ll be with her on Valentine's Day. But he also divulged how they met in Cartagena, Colombia.

It sounded like a real love-at-first-sight story. He had been standing on some church steps, when he saw her walking through the crowd.

“It was a bolt of lightening to the heart,” he said.

He felt like he couldn’t move, but she approached him, and they shook hands. He immediately loved the guileless air about her, and since then they’ve been together.

What will Colin Firth be wearing to the Academy Awards?

Ellen DeGeneres lathered on the praise for Firth, saying she was blown away by his performance in The King’s Speech. She also asked Colin about what it was like to have to stutter. He said he would leave set, and it would take him some time before he stopped stuttering. He admitted it was less about still being in character and more about muscle memory and training.

“We all found ourselves immersed in this thing,” Colin Firth said, claiming even director Tom Hooper started stuttering.

With the Academy Awards just a couple weeks away, Ellen also asked Colin Firth for one favor. The Ellen show made him a special pair of tuxedo underwear for him to wear to the award show.

“I’m not asking, so much as telling,” Ellen told him.

He laughed and responded, “You just livened up my carpet experience.”

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omg.. even the way he met his wife is perfect.
tyfyt <33
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