Jennifer Love Hewitt is Stalking Robert Pattinson


Jennifer Love Hewitt has a long, sordid history of scaring men away by forcing them down the aisle along with following the Jessica Simpson Guide to Eating Your Feel Feels. So, of course, she’s also an obsessed Twihard who spends her free time relentlessly pursuing Robert Pattinson, according to Access Hollywood:

“I love Edward,” Jennifer told Billy and his Access Hollywood Live co-host Kit Hoover, earlier this month. “I actually waited in line to take a picture with him after the very first premiere for like an hour and 15 minutes and as I got up to take my picture, they were like, ‘Rob are you tired?’ and he’s like, ‘Yes,’ and he left. And I was standing there like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ Forty women from Milwaukee got their photo, but not me.”

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume, “Rob, are you tired,” is code for “Crazy in a wedding gown. Commence Sparklepants evac.” On that note, how oblivious to her own career does Jennifer Love Hewitt have to be to not realize she’s been reduced to standing in line to meet other celebrities. Shit, she’s telling people about it. Also, could you imagine how insane it would’ve been for Robert Pattinson if she actually made it up to him? After the knockout gas cleared, I mean.